The Best Incontinence Underwear for Men

If you’re a man who manages urinary incontinence, you know speaking openly about your condition can be difficult. Conversations around symptoms, treatments, and incontinence product choice might feel embarrassing at first, but the reality is that many males- especially older males- need bladder care products.

You should be able to easily find supplies that are discreet and comfortable. The products you choose should also bring you confidence and provide you with the ultimate protection against leakage.

To help you find affordable and trustworthy supplies, we’ve put together a list of the best products for light to moderate male incontinence. Check out our top 4 choices for male protective underwear and find out if you can get them free through insurance.


Best Overall: TENA ProSkin Protective Underwear for Men

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Best for Daytime Wear: Prevail Daily Underwear for Men

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Best for Overnight Wear: Attends Premier Overnight Underwear

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Best for Heavier Leaks: Covidien SureCare Super Protective Underwear

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Best Overall: TENA ProSkin Protective Underwear for Men

What We Like:

  • Range of lengths and absorbencies
  • Overnight option
  • Lie-down protection
  • Soft side barriers to protect against leakage

TENA Intimates offers a range of super absorbent incontinence pads to meet the needs of women who experience light incontinence but don't want the bulkiness of protective underwear. TENA Intimates incontinence products range from a regular length light liner for occasional bladder leakage protection to a long length overnight pad for heavy leaks. TENA overnight incontinence pads offer ultimate absorbency and lie-down protection to give you worry-free nights. 

Each of these pads feature a full length adhesive strip to keep them securely in place throughout the day or night. TENA products feature ProSkin technology, which was created with your skin health in mind.

Absorbency: Maximum

Price: Free through insurance

Best for Daily Wear: Prevail Daily Underwear for Men

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What We Like:

  • MaxSorb Gel Technology for maximum absorbency
  • Omni-Odor Guard for excellent odor control
  • Hypoallergenic fabric with Vitamin E, Aloe, and Chamomile
  • Dri-Fit materials to keep your skin dry and comfortable

These pull-on protective underwear for men are designed for men who need moderate to heavy leakage protection. Prevail Daily Underwear for Men look and feel like normal underwear and keep you 5x dryer than the leading brand. The MaxSorb Gel technology which actively locks in bladder leakage to help keep you feeling cleaner, fresher, and drier. Additionally, Prevail uses several advanced technologies to create a superior product. The Omni-Odor Guard takes care of odors before they begin and the 360° Breathable Zones allow air to circulate around the entire underwear to prevent heat and moisture build up. Whether you’re at a sporting event or at work, these protective underwear are great for discreet and confident daily wear.

Absorbency: Moderate to Maximum

Price: Free through insurance

Best for Overnight Wear: Attends Premier Underwear Overnight

What We Like:

  • ConfidenceCuff Elastics for ultimate drip and leak protection and comfort
  • Maximum protection to keep you worry-free during overnight use
  • DryLock Containment Core to keep liquids at bay
  • High-rise design for full protection overnight

These disposable underwear offer maximum incontinence protection for those who need overnight leak proof protection. Attends Premier overnight underwear are highly absorbent underwear that are designed with Dry-Lock Containment Core to keep liquids locked away. They are also equipped with 100% breathability to provide ultimate comfort and give airflow to your skin, even while sleeping.

Absorbency: Heavy to Overnight

Price: Free through insurance

Best for Heavier Leaks: Covidien SureCare Super Protective Underwear

What We Like:

  • Tear-away seams for discreet and easy removal
  • Moisture-wicking materials to keep you dry
  • Super absorbency for heavy leakage
  • SureCare Airflow Technology to keep skin healthy and leak-free

SureCare Super Protective Underwear are an excellent choice for men who have incontinence but want discreet protection. The super-absorbent core keeps moisture locked in while the odor control technology neutralizes odors before they start. These protective underwear keep you confident with a quiet cloth-like backsheet and are made to look and feel like regular underwear.

Absorbency: Maxium

Price: Free through insurance

What to Look for In Incontinence Underwear for Men

1. Absorbency Level

When choosing incontinence briefs and protective underwear, it’s important that you’re aware of the absorbency level the product has. Different types of incontinence require different levels of absorbency; for example, if you’re a man with light urinary incontinence, you can look for a product with light or moderate absorbency.

2. Comfort

It’s important to choose protective underwear that are comfortable to wear throughout your day. The underwear you choose shouldn’t hold you back from activities you love.

Whether you’re hiking, working in the office, or relaxing at home, your product should be comfortable to wear. Comfort Cues:

  • Look for soft materials that let your skin breathe.
  • Your product should be snug but not too tight.
  • Your incontinence underwear should never dig into your skin.
  • Your underwear should never be so loose that leakage comes out the sides or back.

3. Odor Control

Let’s just be honest- urinary and fecal incontinence may cause unpleasant odors. The best thing you can do to combat these odors is to pick a product that has high-quality odor-control features. A good pair of protective underwear will stop smells before they happen. Look for products that have antimicrobial properties or absorbent materials that stop bacteria from growing.

4. Leakage Protection

Choose incontinence underwear that have leak guards to stop urine from leaking out the sides or leg holes of your product. Knowing that you chose a product that is highly equipped to deal with leakage will bring you peace of mind throughout your day and keep you totally dry.

5. Style

Male incontinence products come in a variety of styles. Men’s protective underwear are commonly made to look like male briefs or boxer briefs with a flexible, pull-on-style waistband. Some also come in different colors that may appeal to the male wearer. Find a style that makes you feel comfortable and provides you with the level of discreteness you want.

6. Size & Fit

Proper fit is essential for leakage protection and skin health. Your incontinence underwear can protect you from urinary leaks if they fit correctly. To find your size, use our adult incontinence product sizing guide charts and look for protective underwear that match your size.

7. Brand Reputation

When choosing protective underwear, you should look for reputable brands that have a proven record of making high-quality products for men. Aeroflow Urology can supply you with incontinence underwear from brands that you can trust, such as TENA, Prevail, and Attends. You can also read reviews from manufacturers or suppliers to make an informed decision.

Why Trust Aeroflow Urology

Aeroflow Urology specializes in supplying a range of low-cost medical products to people of all ages, with all body types and unique needs. For 20 years, Aeroflow has been helping those with medical conditions and disabilities obtain high-quality supplies through insurance, from catheters to breast pumps to sleep apnea machines and more! 

Aeroflow Urology, a subsidiary of Aeroflow Healthcare, sends totally free products to people with incontinence who qualify for our services. We carry a wide range of adult incontinence and pediatric incontinence products, including:

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Get Men’s Incontinence Underwear for Free

We know that incontinence management shouldn’t hurt your wallet. We also know it shouldn’t be difficult to find bladder control supplies that work well. Let us help you get the best male protective underwear at no cost! Follow these 4 steps to start getting free monthly shipments of your male incontinence underwear and other supplies.

1. Fill out our secure Eligibility Form. Our form will ask you to provide your insurance information and a small amount of personal information like your birthdate and name. We never share your information with outside parties, and all you need to complete the form is your Medicaid or other insurance card. After submitting our form, we’ll reach out to you within 1-2 business days to let you know if you’re covered for free incontinence products through insurance.

2. Choose your favorite products. After you’re approved for coverage, we’ll send you a link to log in to your Aeroflow account. From there, you’ll be given a curated list of incontinence products that are totally free through your insurance plan. The product you’ll be able to choose from may include adult diapers, adult protective underwear, and supplemental accessories, like bladder pads and wipes. If you have questions about any of the products available to you, contact one of our Continence Care Experts through our online chat or at 1-844-276-5588.

3. Get your prescription. We need to receive a prescription from your healthcare provider in order to prove to Medicaid or your other insurance plan that your products are medically necessary. To make this process simpler, our team will reach out to your provider for a prescription for incontinence. If you’d like to get your products faster, you can let your provider’s office know we’ll be reaching out.

4. Get your products! Once we’ve received your prescription and you’ve confirmed your products, they’ll be delivered to your home in discreet packaging every month for free. We’ll also send you reminders when it’s time to reorder your supplies so you never have to pay for incontinence products!

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