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What Is the Diaper Gap?

Senior with caregiver

Individuals with bladder and bowel control conditions are suffering without the products they require to manage their symptoms. Learn how the diaper gap might be affecting you or your loved ones and what you can do to help end it. 

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How the Diaper Gap Affects Adults

Adult with disability with caregiver

Adults with incontinence face many barriers when managing their symptoms. Lack of incontinence products lead to mental, physical, and financial struggles that many adults face. Read how to help end incontinence product need and help adults in the diaper gap.

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How the Diaper Gap Affects Children

Child with disability with mom

1 in 3 US families can't afford diapers and pull-ups for their children, and more families raising children with disabilities struggle to afford incontinence products their kids require. Read how the diaper gap affects children with and without disabilities. 

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Autism & Potty Training Needs

potty train autism

If your child is transitioning out of diapers, you know that the toilet training process is long and challenging for both parents and kids. Toilet training a child with autism can also be surprising at times due to the unique obstacles they may face. Read this post to understand your child's needs while potty training.

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How to Prepare for a Doctor's Appointment for Incontinence

Learn about how to prepare for your first doctor's appointment for incontinence from our Medical Adisor, Samantha Eaker. 

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Incontinence Is a Health Crisis. Here's Why.

Incontinence is widespread in the United States and it affects people of all age groups. Read why incontinence is becoming a national health crisis. 

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How Much Does Incontinence Cost?

Managing incontinence costs those living in the Diaper Divide a significant amount of money every year, and it costs the US billions. Read how these prices can add up and learn what you can do to get your incontinence products for free.

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“You Can Never be ‘Ready’ to Raise a Child With Developmental Delays” : Meet the Raymonds

After their daughter, Melody, stopped communicating with them, the Raymonds began their search for a specialist to understand what type of disability Melody had. Along with the loss of communication, Melody was experiencing learning and potty training difficulties. Read the Raymonds’ story and how they found Aeroflow Urology helpful during their daughter’s journey.

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{In}Confidence: Customer Success Stories

Our new (In)Confidence series shares the touching stories of our fearless customers who manage their incontinence with us!

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