Advocating & Supporting Caregivers In the Diaper Gap

caregiver aiding patient

Discover the critical issue of the diaper gap, its impact on caregivers, and how organizations like Aeroflow Urology advocate for solutions to provide affordable incontinence supplies through insurance benefits.

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7 Ways to Manage Adult Nighttime Incontinence (Nocturnal Enuresis)

Woman in bed

Do you experience bedwetting at night? Learn the underlying causes and how to treat your condition with the best protective products free through insurance.

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Thyroid Issues: A Hidden Cause of Urinary Incontinence?

Woman checking thyroid

Discover the effects hypothyroidism can have on your urinary system and learn strategies to manage symptoms like fatigue and urinary issues in our comprehensive guide.

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How the Diaper Gap Affects Adults

Adult with disability with caregiver

Adults with incontinence face many barriers when managing their symptoms. Lack of incontinence products lead to mental, physical, and financial struggles that many adults face. Read how to help end incontinence product need and help adults in the diaper gap.

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Say Goodbye to Lower Back Pain & Incontinence With Expert Solutions

lower back pain and incontinence

Back pain is already frustrating enough, and when you add incontinence on top of that, your quality of life can be interrupted. See exactly what contributes to lower back pain and incontinence and how to make managing these symptoms easy.

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What to Know About Catheters & Erectile Dysfunction

Coloplast catheter on shelf

Explore the intricate relationship between catheter use and erectile dysfunction, and learn about the diverse causes of ED and their preventive strategies.

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Should Men Sit When They Pee? 4 Benefits of Sitting Down

Man holding toilet paper by toilet

Explore the age-old debate: Should men sit or stand when peeing? Discover the benefits of sitting down, optimal posture tips, and how to address challenges in this insightful blog. From pelvic floor health to cultural stigma, empower your choices with informed insights.

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What Is “Manopause” & How Does It Relate to Incontinence?

Older man and woman talking

Discover the impact male menopause has on men's health, including its connection to urinary incontinence. Learn about symptoms, treatment options, and why addressing these issues is essential for maintaining well-being as men age.

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Parkinson's Disease & Incontinence: Causes & Treatments

Man with Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's diesease can cause bladder or bowel leakage in some people. Read why this occurs and how to effectively treat incontinence in people with the disease.

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