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Are Sexual Assault & Incontinence Related? Exploring the Connection

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Pelvic floor disorders may develop in people who have survived sexual assault. Identify symptoms and find the causes behind them with tips from our Medical Advisor. 

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How to Manage Multiple Sclerosis & Incontinence

Manage MS

Multiple Sclerosis (MS), urinary incontinence, and fecal incontinence are often seen together in those affected by the condition, but why? And what can you do to help manage the side effects of MS and incontinence? Read this post to find out.

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13 Tips to Train Your Bladder to Empty Completely

a bathroom

Feel like you don't spend enough time using the restroom? Use these 13 tips when going to make sure your bladder is completely empty. Doing so will help you avoid problems like UTIs, damaged bladder muscles, and even kidney failure. 

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How Can You Keep Your Bladder Healthy? 10 Ways to Prioritize Bladder Self-Care

Your bladder keeps your body functioning and filters out toxins and waste, but there are many things you might not know about it!

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Here's How & Where You Can Get Free Incontinence Products on Low Income

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If you are an individual or a family on low income, you may qualify to get incontinence products at little to no cost. Find the resources available to you.

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5 Reasons You Might Leak Urine During Cold & Flu Season (And How to Stay Dry!)

Getting a cold or the flu in winter can cause urinary incontinence, but there are ways you can reduce leaks. 

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Your Guide to Preventing & Getting Rid of Incontinence Odors

Unwanted odor is a bothersome side effect that can occur when you're managing incontinence. Find out how to stop and prevent these unpleasant smells. 

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8 Ways Smoking Impacts Your Urological Health

Smoking tobacco can lead to kidney cancer, bladder cancer, erectyle dysfunction, and more. Find out the ways smoking impacts your urological health.

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Why Do I Need a Prescription for Incontinence Products & How Do I Renew My Prescription?

Wondering why you need a prescription in order to get your incontinence products? Read this article to find out.

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