How Spinal Cord Injuries Cause Bladder Problems

Loss of bladder control can occur after a spinal cord injury if certain nerves are damaged, but there are ways to treat your incontinence symptoms. 

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Stop Peeing "Just In Case!"

Going to the bathroom "just in case" is bad for your bladder health! Find out how this common practice might be harming your urinary system. 

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Back to School With Incontinence: Bladder-Friendly Lunches for Kids

Send your child back to school this year with lunches that are filled with bladder-calming foods that will help them have less accidents throughout their day. 

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Back to School With Incontinence: How to Talk to Teachers

Find out how to speak to your child's teachers about their incontinence so they can head back to school with confidence this fall!

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Why You Should Never Use Two Incontinence Products at Once

Using two incontinence products at once-- or doubling up-- isn't beneficial. Read why and see if you can get free incontinence supplies through insurance.

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Autism & Potty Training Issues

potty train autism

If your child is transitioning out of diapers, you know that the toilet training process is long and challenging for both parents and kids. Toilet training a child with autism can also be surprising at times due to the unique obstacles they may face. Read this post to understand your child's needs while potty training.

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Autism & Diet: The Best & Worst Foods

autism diet foods

Research suggests that diets can have an impact on the lifestyles of people who have autism. Read this post in under 10 minutes to find out which foods are best and worst to eat if you have autism.

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