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Q & A With Daily Autism Family! Plus 8 Ways to Help Kids With Autism & Incontinence

Family walking happily with child with autism

Managing autism already comes with its own set of unique challenges. On top of that, children with autism are more likely to have incontinence. Autism and incontinence may seem overwhelming at first, but there are proven ways to manage autism in incontinence without having to make drastic changes to your daily routine.

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Autism & Potty Training Needs

potty train autism

If your child is transitioning out of diapers, you know that the toilet training process is long and challenging for both parents and kids. Toilet training a child with autism can also be surprising at times due to the unique obstacles they may face. Read this post to understand your child's needs while potty training.

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What Are the Different Levels of Autism?

Learn about the different levels of autism and find out how to support your loved one with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

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Autism & Down Syndrome: What's the Difference & How Do They Relate to Incontinence?

Learn the difference between autism and Down syndrome and how incontinence is related to both conditions.

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Autism, Sex, & Stigmas

sex and autism

Sex can sometimes be viewed as taboo, but let’s face it: It’s a regular part of our everyday lives, even if we’re not sexually active. It’s everywhere— on social media, television, and advertisements. But how are sex and romantic relationships discussed among people with autism? And why are there still stigmas around it?

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Autism & Diet: The Best & Worst Foods

girl with autism holding food

Research suggests that diets can have an impact on the lifestyles of people who have autism. Read this post in under 10 minutes to find out which foods are best and worst to eat if you have autism.

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10 Tips for Children With Autism & "Picky Eating"

Autism picky eater

Do you have a child with autism that seemst to be a "picky eater?" Well, that "picky eating" is actually called food aversion, and it's very common among children with autism! Adapting to your child's food aversions takes a lot of experimenting, but there are many ways to help them find nourishing foods they'll love to eat.

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A Guide to Autism & Incontinence In Older Children

Incontinence may be present in older children with autism. Discover why bladder and bowel issues continue into later years and find out what you can do to support your loved one.

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Challenges & Solutions For Autism Parents

child with autism

Toilet training can be tough on parents and children, especially if your child has autism. So why do children with autism have trouble potty training, and what is it really like to potty train a child with autism? Sierra Ferrell shares her family's story of toilet training her child with autism. 

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