Special Needs

Autism, Sex, & Stigmas

sex and autism

Sex can sometimes be viewed as taboo, but let’s face it: It’s a regular part of our everyday lives, even if we’re not sexually active. It’s everywhere— on social media, television, and advertisements. But how are sex and romantic relationships discussed among people with autism? And why are there still stigmas around it?

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Autism & Diet: The Best & Worst Foods

autism diet foods

Research suggests that diets can have an impact on the lifestyles of people who have autism. Read this post in under 10 minutes to find out which foods are best and worst to eat if you have autism.

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Q&A with Ms. Wheelchair USA - Madeline Delp

Madeline Delp is a car accident survivor turned motivational speaker, disability advocate, and public figure. She is a Ms. Wheelchair USA winner, fear-chaser, and world traveler. She, through her nonprofit Live Boundless, has delivered over 400 wheelchairs to those in need in Asia and South America. Despite her busy schedule of fear-chasing and pageant winning, Madeline sat down with us to answer some questions on everything from dating to staying active in a pandemic.

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Madeline Delp: Confidence Series with Aeroflow Urology - Part 1

Written by Madeline Delp, Aeroflow Urology Brand Ambassador
I was doing an interview recently for a podcast, and the host asked me how I built up enough confidence to compete in pageantry. I paused for a second and considered the question. How exactly did the little girl who was too scared to start a conversation muster enough courage and confidence to roll on stage in front of hundreds of people?

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How To Care For Sickle Cell Disease And Incontinence

Caring for someone with sickle cell disease often means providing for your child as well as taking care of yourself, since it’s an inherited condition. However, your child may have different symptoms than you, such as incontinence. Learn how sickle cell disease and incontinence are connected and how to provide proper care.

What Is Sickle Cell Disease?

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How to Prevent Epilepsy and Incontinence from Teaming Up

With epilepsy, there is a broad range of issues to worry about, such as biting the tongue, collapsing, and more. However, pants wetting should also be on the list as epilepsy and incontinence are often related, and both conditions could be a warning sign of one another. If you or your child experiences incontinence or seizures it’s important to seek medical attention immediately to rule out the cause and to put a treatment plan together. So, how exactly are epilepsy and incontinence related?

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