Can High Blood Pressure Cause Bladder Problems?

Woman sitting on a sofa checking her blood pressure.

High blood pressure comes with many side effects that need to be managed, and one such side effect that you might not know about is urinary incontinence. Find out how blood pressure medications can lead to symptoms like urinary leakage.

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How Do Eating Disorders Affect Bladder Control? Exploring the Connection & Treatments

Lady looking in the mirror holding her stomach.

Nearly 30 million Americans will experience an eating disorder in their lifetime. The side effects of eating disorders extend to the entire body, including the urinary system. Discover how eating disorders affect bladder control.

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Does Syphilis Cause Urinary Problems?

Man sitting with a doctor reviewing information.

Syphilis, a sexually transmitted infection (STI), is on the rise. Common symptoms include sores, rash, and a lesser-known side effect: Urinary problems.

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Can Crohn’s Disease Cause Urinary or Fecal Incontinence?

Patient speaking to a doctor.

Learn how Crohn’s disease can cause bladder and bowel problems in those with the condition and discover the treatments available to lessen symptoms.

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How to Prevent UTIs In Individuals With Incontinence

Lady sitting at a table on her laptop.
A crucial aspect of incontinence care for you, or your loved ones, involves keeping the skin clean and comfortable to prevent common infections, such as urinary tract infections (UTIs). While UTIs are fairly common for most people, those with incontinence have a higher susceptibility to infections, which can lead to further complications if left untreated.

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Can Diabetes Medications Cause Bowel or Urinary Incontinence?

Medications in the palm of a hand.

Do you experience frequent urination or diarrhea when taking diabetes medications? Explore how these symptoms are linked to certain medications and how to treat them.

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Diabetes & Urinary Incontinence: Understanding the Connection & 9 Treatments

Caregiver checking an elderly patients vitals

From waking up at night to pee to leaking urine when you laugh, urinary incontinence caused by diabetes can sometimes feel challenging to manage... or even understand. Learn about these prevalent conditions and their connection.

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How Can You Keep Your Bladder Healthy? 10 Ways to Prioritize Bladder Self-Care

Your bladder keeps your body functioning and filters out toxins and waste, but there are many things you might not know about it!

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In Support of Incontinence On Social Media: Ending Stigma Online

person on social media

Social media platforms have been turned into places of connection and support for many conditions, but sometimes, incontinence topics are flagged as inappropriate, leaving those searching for help with feelings of shame. Read Jesse’s first-hand experience navigating his condition online.

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Here's How & Where You Can Get Free Incontinence Products on Low Income

A couple viewing information on an electronic device.

If you are an individual or a family on low income, you may qualify to get incontinence products at little to no cost. Find the resources available to you.

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