Delaware & Tennessee Medicaid Beneficiaries Can Now Get Free Diapers

Mom and baby changing diapers

In a pioneering effort to support families, Delaware and Tennessee have become the first states to offer free Medicaid diapers, thanks to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approval. Find out if your loved one can get free diapers through insurance. 

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Need a Ride to the Doctor? Medicaid Transportation Could Help

Person helping woman into a car

Discover what Medicaid transportation entails, from emergency medical assistance to non-emergency rides for beneficiaries. Learn who qualifies and how to access these crucial services efficiently.

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An Expert’s Guide to Incontinence Skin Care

Incontinence products stacked

It’s important to practice proper skincare with incontinence. Learn how with these expert tips from Aleece Fosnight, board-certified physician assistant specializing in urology.

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Best Adult Incontinence Products of 2023

people holding incontinence products

Check out the products that made “the best of 2023” list and find out how to get them for free through your Medicaid managed care plan with Aeroflow Urology.

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North Carolina Medicaid Expansion: How to Enroll & Apply for Free Incontinence Products

Medicaid coverage has expanded for residents of North Carolina. Learn what this might mean for you or your loved ones and discover how to get free incontinence products through North Carolina Medicaid.

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How to Stop Overnight Diaper Leaks: 10 Tips From a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Learn 10 tips for stopping and preventing overnight diaper leaks from Aeroflow Urology's Medical Advisor Samantha Eaker. 

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{In}Confidence: The Young Man Who Accepted Incontinence & Advocates for Inclusion

Read how a young man, Jesse, overcame his incontinence challenges by getting support from friends and Aeroflow Urology. 

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Will Insurance Cover Diapers for My Child?

Did you know your child may be able to receive diapers and pull-ups through their Medicaid or Medicaid managed care plan? Discover how to qualify in this article.

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The Best Prevail Incontinence Products: Why Our Customers Swear by Them!

Find out why Prevail is one of the most popular and trusted brand names with real Aeroflow Urology customers, and learn how to get yours free through insurance.

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Why Do I Need a Prescription for Incontinence Products & How Do I Renew My Prescription?

Wondering why you need a prescription in order to get your incontinence products? Read this article to find out.

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