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Continence Care Products

Adult Incontinence

Pediatric Incontinence


Pediatric Incontinence

Our selection of comfortable, highly absorbent pediatric products can help your child take on the world, without letting incontinence get in the way.

Adult Incontinence

From bladder control pads to manage light leakage to disposable briefs and pull-ons, our high quality products are key to managing your incontinence. 

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Find Your Perfect Product

We understand that choosing the right adult incontinence products to fit your specific needs can be tricky. Whether you're experiencing light bladder leakage or heavier fecal and urinary incontinence, Aeroflow Urology has the perfect product to fit your needs and lifestyle. 

Our Process

At Aeroflow Urology, we help adults and children received the bladder control supplies they need, at no cost to them through their Medicaid benefits.

Children Struggling to Potty Train

If your child is over the age of three and struggling or unable to potty train, we can assist you in getting their diapers or pull-ups through Medicaid. 

Adults with Bladder Leakage

Bladder leakage or loss of bladder control increases in prevalance as we age. Medicaid can save you money by providing these at no cost. 

Catheter Users

We know that high quality catheter supplies are a neccessity. Medicaid, Medicare and most insurance plans will provide coverage of these supplies. 

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