Aeroflow Urology

Setting the standard for personalized incontinence care.

Who We Are

Aeroflow Urology, a subsidiary of Aeroflow Health,  is a leading provider of high-quality continence care supplies through insurance. We specialize in navigating insurance guidelines and ensuring that you are getting the most out of your insurance benefits. 

Aeroflow Urology also understands how important access to quality continence supplies is to prevent over usage of products which in turn helps to keep you healthy and reduce medical visits.

We are here to support and advocate for you while also working tirelessly to dispel stigmas associated with bladder health, bladder control, incontinence, and continence care. 

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Our Mission

We believe that high-quality continence care should be accessible and affordable for all. With this belief in mind, we work to break down the barriers to convenient and reliable care and challenge the misconceptions surrounding incontinence through proactive education and advocacy.

Our Story

The Aeroflow Urology division began with a simple idea and a deep commitment to making a difference. We witnessed the challenges people faced in managing their continence care conditions. We saw the frustration, the discomfort, and the limited access to essential supplies. We saw people needing help, both financially and emotionally, and not receiving it.

So, we created a branch of Aeroflow Health that could be a lifeline for those navigating these types of conditions and helping to pay for products they needed to live happily and fully. 

Meet Our Team

Team Leaders

Mica Phillips headshotMica Phillips headshot

Mica Phillips

Vice President of Aeroflow Urology

Mica has been at Aeroflow for over 7 years. He brings creativity to a sometimes stagnant and complacent industry and tries his best to uncomplicate the complex world of Insurance. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina and holds a Bachelor’s degree in English. In addition to his daily responsibilities, he’s contributed to numerous articles for online journals regarding senior care, incontinence, and navigating insurance benefits.

Allison Pullen headshotAllison Pullen headshot

Allison Pullen

Urology Sales Manager

Allison joined Aeroflow Urology over 6 years ago as a Continence Care Representative. She attended the College of Charleston with a focus in Corporate Communications. She has a passion for providing excellent customer service and taking care of patients as they navigate their journey in managing their incontinence needs. 

Alyssa Hall

Billing Team Lead

Since joining Aeroflow in 2017, Alyssa has helped establish foundational systems to scale insurance education and billing in Urology. Today, Alyssa leads and empowers a team of skilled claims agents who are dedicated to tackling claim denials head-on.

Zoe Osborne headshotZoe Osborne headshot

Zoe Osborne

Technical Operations Manager

Zoe has been at Aeroflow for 5 years, starting as a Continence Care Representative before assuming her role in management. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina Charlotte with a Bachelor's Degree in History and Anthropology. Passionate about providing excellent care to our patients, Zoe is committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of their work.

Ashley Keeley headshotAshley Keeley headshot

Ashley Keeley

Employee Operations Manager

Ashley joined Aeroflow 4 years ago as a Customer Account Representative before moving into a management position. Prior to working for Aeroflow, Ashley was a successful entrepreneur, owning and operating her own business and excelled in network marketing. She has experience in public speaking, delivering motivational speeches to large audiences and leading teams.  Ashley is known for her passion for educating and empowering others, as well as her strong interpersonal skills.

Continence Care Team

Josie Neff headshotJosie Neff headshot

Josie Neff

Urology Supervisor

Josie has been with Aeroflow since 2021. She demonstrates a strong commitment to supporting the professional development of her colleagues. Josie attended college with a study in high performance mechanics and still has a true passion for this. She excels in mentorship and leadership, empowering her colleagues to build their skills and confidence, ultimately enabling their success in their careers.

David Guffey headshotDavid Guffey headshot

David Guffey

Urology Supervisor

David joined the Aeroflow Team in 2021 as a Customer Account Specialist and has since furthered his career within the company. Through his dedication to professional development, he progressed from a specialist role to a leadership position. In his role at the company, David is committed to streamlining patient care processes, ensuring compliance with insurance guidelines, and imparting his knowledge to his team. His goal is to empower his colleagues to excel and become top-performing employees.

Pat Huskins headshotPat Huskins headshot

Patricia Huskins

Urology Supervisor

Patricia has been a valued member of Aeroflow since 2004, having held a variety of positions within the company. She has experience in roles such as Respiratory Team Lead, Human Resources, and Billing before transitioning to the Urology division in 2015. Through her tenure, Patricia has developed a strong commitment to delivering exceptional service and motivating her colleagues to do the same. She effectively leads her team with a high level of energy and enthusiasm.

Sierra Johnson headshotSierra Johnson headshot

Sierra Johnson

Urology Supervisor

Sierra began her journey with Aeroflow in 2021 as a customer service representative. She loves books and has a passion for people. In addition to her position as a Team Captain, she has also worked with our marketing team on content creation for our various social media platforms.

Caitlin Kerrigan

Urology Supervisor

Caitlin joined Aeroflow in January 2020 and was promoted to a management position at the start of 2021. She began her career as an Account Representative, where she consistently provided exceptional customer service to all patients. Caitlin is dedicated to ongoing training and helping her colleagues develop their skills to reach their full potential. She fosters a collaborative and supportive team environment within the Urology department, where she has led multiple teams. Caitlin excels at motivating her team members and encouraging them to achieve personal and professional growth.

Sarah Bradshaw

Urology Supervisor

Sarah has been a valued member of the Aeroflow Health team for 13 years. Throughout her tenure, Sarah has gained experience in various departments such as diagnostics, CPAP, insurance contracting, mergers and acquisitions, and most recently, the Urology department where she has been excelling since 2015. Sarah moved into management in 2022 where she has brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team.

Allison Fowler

Urology Supervisor

Allison has been with Aeroflow since 2015. She attended the University of North Carolina Wilmington where she pursued a degree in Biology. During her time at Aeroflow, she has taken on a variety of roles in order to best serve patients throughout their Aeroflow experience. Her expertise in health insurance has been pivotal for Aeroflow Urology's growth. In addition to her regular responsibilities, Allison plays a key role in guiding and mentoring her colleagues.

John Fitzgerald headshotJohn Fitzgerald headshot

John Fitzgerald

Urology Supervisor

John has been a part of Aeroflow Urology for 4 years, starting in 2020 as a Customer Account Representative and worked his way into a managerial role in 2021. With an extensive decade long background in the restaurant and wedding industries, John brings an unbridled determination to do right by the business and customer. While overseeing the Catheter and Ostomy teams, John brings product knowledge matched with an empathetic approach to providing the best care to customers, while also maintaining company foresight.

Molly Merrifield

Urology Supervisor

Molly has been with Aeroflow for 3 years. She started as a Customer Account Representative and transitioned to a management role in April 2022. Molly has a background in education and attended Marshall University pursuing a degree in Secondary Education. She also brings extensive experience in hospitality management as an Event Coordinator. Drawing on these skills, she effectively trains her team to excel to their fullest potential, helps them build confidence within their careers, and assists them in  providing the best customer service possible.

Ginger Durbin

Urology Supervisor

Ginger joined Aeroflow Urology in 2022 starting as a Billing Representative before moving into a Billing Team Captain position. Ginger attended college at the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor's Degree in Special Education. Ginger specializes in handling incontinence billing to ensure timely and efficient processing of claims for our patients, making the billing experience as seamless as possible. 

Zack Hall

Urology Team Captain

Medical Advisors

Aleece Fosnight headshotAleece Fosnight headshot

Aleece Fosnight

Medical Advisor, MSPAS, PA-C, CSC-S, CSE, NCMP, IF, HAES

Aleece Fosnight is a board-certified physician assistant specializing in sexual medicine, women’s health, and urology. Aleece is the founder of the Fosnight Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and training of professionals in the sexual health field and providing funding for access to healthcare services in her local community.

Lopa Pandya headshotLopa Pandya headshot

Lopa Pandya

Medical Advisor, MD, MS, FACOG

Dr. Lopa Pandya is a reconstructive pelvic surgeon in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at UI Health. She treats various pelvic floor disorders, urinary issues, and pelvic organ prolapse. Her clinical interests include minimally invasive surgery, robotic surgery, surgical outcomes, and finding ways to improve patients' quality of life.

Susie Gronski headshotSusie Gronski headshot

Susie Gronski

Medical Advisor, PT, DPT

Specializing in men’s pelvic and sexual health, Susie Gronski, PT, DPT is a Medical Advisor and Writer for Aeroflow Urology and a licensed doctor of physical therapy, certified pelvic rehabilitation practitioner, Michigan-trained sex counselor and educator, and international teacher. She is the author of "Pelvic Pain The Ultimate Cock Block."

Samantha Eaker headshotSamantha Eaker headshot

Samantha Eaker

Medical Advisor, DNP, CPNP-PC

Samantha Eaker, DNP, CPNP-PC is a board-certified pediatric nurse practitioner specializing in pediatric urology. Dr. Eaker received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Georgetown University and her Doctor of Nursing Practice from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She currently practices in North Carolina, serving children and adults with congenital and acquired urologic problems. She is passionate about providing personalized care to and advocating for her patients.

Editorial Staff

Marlee Septak headshotMarlee Septak headshot

Marlee Septak

Senior Content Specialist

Marlee Septak started as a Copywriter at Aeroflow Urology in 2021. She is currently the Senior Content Specialist. She brings a deep understanding of incontinence and health conditions associated with it to her writing. A graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism, Marlee has actively contributed to various publications, including Borgen Magazine, Echo Magazine, Chicago Ideas Week, Assuaged, Inc., and Peaceful Dumpling.

Jesse. S headshotJesse. S headshot

Jesse S.

Patient Advocacy Expert, Author

Jesse S. is Aeroflow Urology's first Patient Advocacy Expert. With a strong background in incontinence, he is driven by a desire to help others by sharing personal experiences. Jesse is passionate about technology and media, aiming to assist and guide others in these areas.