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Marlee is the Senior Content Specialist at Aeroflow Urology. She brings a deep understanding of incontinence and health conditions associated with it to her writing. Her passion lies in collaborating with organizations dedicated to improving the world, such as the Awareness Film Festival, The Borgen Project, and Aeroflow Health.

A graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism, Marlee has actively contributed to various publications, including Borgen Magazine, Echo Magazine, Chicago Ideas Week, Assuaged, Inc., and Peaceful Dumpling. Through her work, she has demonstrated a keen awareness of health issues, particularly those related to incontinence.

In her free time, Marlee enjoys traveling, trying out new restaurants, and immersing herself in the world of literature. Her diverse experiences and commitment to health-related causes underscore her expertise in the field of incontinence.

These Jobs Could Lead to Urinary Incontinence

Construction worker lifting heavy object

Does your job allow enough bathroom breaks? If not, you may be at-risk for developing urinary incontinence. Read about the connection and how to prevent this condition from developing at work.

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Get Your Incontinence Supplies Faster With FedEx Delivery Manager

Fedex express logo.

Want to get your monthly shipment of incontinence supplies faster? Learn how to track packages, receive updates, and make special delivery requests with FedEx Delivery Manager in this step-by-step guide.

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Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia & Urinary Incontinence

Man talking to doctor

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is common among older men and comes with many symptoms of incontinence. Find out how to manage your symptoms. 

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Understanding Urinary Incontinence After Gender-Affirming Surgery

Group of friends smiling at camera

Gender-affirming surgery can be a lifechanging procedure but it can come with unwanted side effects. Read about how gender-confirmation surgery can cause urinary incontinence and how to treat it. 

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Hormone Therapy & Urinary Incontinence in Transgender Individuals

Transgender flag
Embarking on the journey of transition can be a very exciting time for a transgender individual. Finally being able to match their outward appearance to their gender identity can do wonders for their mental health and confidence. Hormone therapy is a common first step in the transition process, but there is very little education on how hormone therapy can affect the urinary tract. There are things that can be done to manage the changes that will come with hormone therapy and other transitional processes, and that is what I will work to outline today.

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Stop the Drips: Exploring the Reasons Behind Male Post-Pee Dribbling

Man peeing at urinal

Have you ever found yourself using toilet paper to dry up urine leaks? If so, you may have urinary incontinence. 

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If You Have Incontinence, You Should Know About Ally’s Law

Restroom sign

Ally’s Law, also known as the Restroom Access Act, can help ensure you have access to restrooms in public if you have bladder or bowel control issues.

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How to Manage Bowel Incontinence: The Best Adult Products to Keep You Feeling Fresh

Picture of incontinence products.

Discover effective strategies for managing bowel incontinence and reclaiming control over your life. Explore the best adult products, treatment options, and resources available to support you in navigating this challenging condition with confidence and dignity.

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8 Ways to Prevent Pelvic Floor Damage While Sitting

Woman sitting at desk

Sitting for extended periods of time can cause pelvic floor damage, leading to pelvic floor dysfunction and incontinence. Keep your pelvic floor healthy by following these tips.

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Is Bowel Leakage a Sign of Rectal or Colon Cancer?

Person holding their stomach as if they're in pain.

Explore the comprehensive guide to understanding colon cancer, rectal cancer, and bowel incontinence – from causes and symptoms to preventive strategies and available treatments. Empower yourself with knowledge to prioritize your colorectal health and take proactive steps towards a healthier future.

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