Marlee Septak

Branded Content Writer

Marlee Septak is a content writer from Michigan. She has a passion for working with non-profits that aim to better the world and has worked as a manager for Awareness Film Festival and a writer for The Borgen Project. Marlee's writing has been featured in Borgen Magazine, Echo Magazine, Chicago Ideas Week, Assuaged, and Peaceful Dumpling. She loves her three cats, hiking, traveling, and cooking. 

Hirschsprung's Disease & Fecal Incontinence

If your child is born with Hirschsprung's disease, they may develop fecal incontinence. Read how and see if they can get incontinence supplies through insurance. 

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Survey: Talking About Incontinence as We Age

Many people lose control of their bladders as they age, but, according to an Aeroflow Urology survey, it's not talked about enough. 

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9 Ways to Prevent Urethritis With Catheters

Urethritis can be painful when using your intermittent catheter. Get tips on how to prevent it.

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Stop Peeing "Just In Case!"

Going to the bathroom "just in case" is bad for your bladder health! Find out how this common practice might be harming your urinary system. 

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25 Ways to Keep Your Urinary System Healthy

The urinary system is an integral part of our bodies, from flushing toxins and bacteria to preventing incontinence. Read 25 ways to keep your urinary system at its optimal health!

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Medicaid Vs. Medicare: Why Am I Not Covered for Incontinence Products?

What's the difference between Medicaid and Medicare? Why doesn't Medicare offer incontinence supply coverage? What bladder control products can I get through Aeroflow Urology? These questions-and more- answered!

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Back to School With Incontinence: Bladder-Friendly Lunches for Kids

Send your child back to school this year with lunches that are filled with bladder-calming foods that will help them have less accidents throughout their day. 

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UTIs & Intermittent Catheters

Read how intermittent catheters can sometimes cause catheter-associated urinary tract infections and how to prevent them. 

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You May Have Urinary Incontinence If...

Certain symptoms, such as leaking pee when you sneeze and dribbling pee after emptying your bladder, indicate urinary incontinence in men and women. 

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