Marlee Septak

Branded Content Writer

Marlee Septak is a content writer from Michigan. She has a passion for working with non-profits that aim to better the world and has worked as a manager for Awareness Film Festival and a writer for The Borgen Project. Marlee's writing has been featured in Borgen Magazine, Echo Magazine, Chicago Ideas Week, Assuaged, and Peaceful Dumpling. She loves her three cats, hiking, traveling, and cooking. 

What Is a Pelvic Floor Massage?

If you suffer from acute or chronic pelvic pain, you'll want to know how a pelvic floor massage may be able to help ease it. Read more about pelvic floor physical therapy here. 

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(In)Confidence: Customer Success Stories

Our new (In)Confidence series shares the touching stories of our fearless customers who manage their incontinence with us!

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10 Tips for Potty Training a Child With ADHD

Don't be discouraged when toilet training your child with ADHD. Use these expert tips to make you and your little one confident throughout the process!

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8 Tips to Manage Incontinence at Work

Heading back to work after the pandemic and the holidays can be challenging for everyone, but especially for those who manage urinary incontinence. Get our tips on how to manage bladder leaks in the workplace. 

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How to Get Catheters Covered by Insurance In the New Year

Your catheter coverage may be changing this year! Find out if you can still get your catheter supplies through Medicare. 

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Dry January? How Alcohol Affects Your Bladder

Should you participate in "Dry January?" Find out how alcohol affects your bladder and if taking a break this month could help improve your urinary health.

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Pelvic Floor Therapy & 10 Other New Year's Resolutions for Your Pelvic Floor

Getting healthier in the new year? Don't forget about your pelvic floor muscles! Use these 10 New Year's resolutions and learn about pelvic floor therapy to prevent bladder problems. 

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3 Reasons the Cold & Flu Make You Leak Urine

Getting a cold or the flu in winter can cause urinary incontinence, but there are ways you can reduce leaks. 

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7 Best Ways to Reduce Catheter Pain

Experiencing pain when self-catheterizing is not normal! Read our 7 ways to reduce your pain. 

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