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Marlee Septak is the Marketing Copywriter for Aeroflow Urology. She has a passion for working with organizations that aim to better the world, such as Awareness Film Festival, The Borgen Project, and Aeroflow. She graduated from Columbia College Chicago and holds a Bachelor's degree in Journalism with a concentration in Magazine Writing. Marlee has contributed to various magazines and blogs, including Borgen Magazine, Echo Magazine, Chicago Ideas Week, Assuaged, and Peaceful Dumpling. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants, and just sitting down with a good book.

What Is a Condom Catheter?

Condom catheters are an excellent choice to assist with urinary incontinence in men. Find out if these catheters are right for you.

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Understanding Urinary Incontinence After Gender-Affirming Surgery

Gender-affirming surgery can be a lifechanging procedure but it can come with unwanted side effects. Read about how gender-confirmation surgery can cause urinary incontinence and how to treat it. 

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Hormone Therapy & Urinary Incontinence In Transgender Individuals

Embarking on the journey of transition can be a very exciting time for a transgender individual. Finally being able to match their outward appearance to their gender identity can do wonders for their mental health and confidence. Hormone therapy is a common first step in the transition process, but there is very little education on how hormone therapy can affect the urinary tract. There are things that can be done to manage the changes that will come with hormone therapy and other transitional processes, and that is what I will work to outline today.

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How to Relax Tight Pelvic Floor Muscles

Did you know your pelvic floor muscles can be chronically tight? This condition- sometimes called "hypertonic pelvic floor"- can be caused by stress. Get tips from our expert on how to relax your pelvic floor muscles and stay stress free.

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Is Bladder Leakage a Sign of Perimenopause?

Did you know that it's not just menopause that can cause bladder leaks- the time before menopause can too! Find out how to treat urinary leakage during perimenopause in this article.

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How to Get Free Incontinence Products Through Ohio Medicaid

To be approved for incontinence supplies under Ohio Medicaid you must have the following items. An Aeroflow Urology Specialist will help you gather all of this necessary information. Documented proof within the last six months that the items are considered medically necessary by a physician, the medical reason for needing supplies, and the estimated amount of supplies needed per day.

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How to Diagnose Urinary Incontinence

Many people with urinary incontinence go undiagnosed and end up managing their symptoms in silence. Learn how to properly diagnose and treat your adult and pediatric patients so they can live healthily. 

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The Best Incontinence Pads for Women

With so many different types of pads out there, it's hard to know which one is best. We'll help you determine not only which pad is best but also which one will work best for your unique needs!

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How Sitting for Too Long Damages the Pelvic Floor

Sitting for extended periods of time can cause pelvic floor damage, leading to pelvic floor dysfunction and incontinence. Keep your pelvic floor healthy by following these tips.

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How to Receive Incontinence Supplies Through North Dakota Medicaid

North Dakota mountains

Residents of North Dakota who have bladder and bowel control problems and an underlying medical condition or disability may be able to receive incontinence products for free through Medicaid. Find out if you or your loved one is eligible.

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