Are Diapers FSA / HSA Eligible?

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The cost of incontinence products makes it nearly impossible for many individuals with bladder and bowel control conditions to purchase them out of pocket. Luckily, Aeroflow offers high-quality protective products eligible for FSA and HSA.

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How to Get an IEP for Individuals With Incontinence

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Get a step-by-step guide from Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Samantha Eaker, for creating an IEP for your child with incontinence so they are comfortable at school.

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How Can You Keep Your Bladder Healthy? 10 Ways to Prioritize Bladder Self-Care

Your bladder keeps your body functioning and filters out toxins and waste, but there are many things you might not know about it!

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Here's How & Where You Can Get Free Incontinence Products on Low Income

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If you are an individual or a family on low income, you may qualify to get incontinence products at little to no cost. Find the resources available to you.

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Does Cold Weather Make You Pee More?

Feeling like you need to pee more when the weather gets colder? You're not alone. Read why this may be happening.

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How to Stop Overnight Diaper Leaks: 10 Tips From a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Learn 10 tips for stopping and preventing overnight diaper leaks from Aeroflow Urology's Medical Advisor Samantha Eaker. 

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Will Insurance Cover Diapers for My Child?

Did you know your child may be able to receive diapers and pull-ups through their Medicaid or Medicaid managed care plan? Discover how to qualify in this article.

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Why Do I Need a Prescription for Incontinence Products & How Do I Renew My Prescription?

Wondering why you need a prescription in order to get your incontinence products? Read this article to find out.

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Will My Loved One With Down Syndrome Experience Incontinence?

There is a significant chance for both children and adults with Down syndrome to develop incontinence, but it doesn’t have to impact their quality of life. By recognizing and properly treating the incontinence symptoms as soon as possible, your loved one can properly manage their fecal or urinary incontinence by making simple changes to their daily lives.

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Autism & Potty Training Needs

potty train autism

If your child is transitioning out of diapers, you know that the toilet training process is long and challenging for both parents and kids. Toilet training a child with autism can also be surprising at times due to the unique obstacles they may face. Read this post to understand your child's needs while potty training.

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