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Tips for Potty Training a Child With Down Syndrome: Q&A With Tailynn Brost

Mother holding up a happy baby.

Read our Q&A with Tailynn Brost, mother of Aspen, a child with Down syndrome, for tips on how to toilet train your child.

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Down Syndrome, Delayed Potty Training, & Incontinence

Child with Down syndrome and mom

Down syndrome is linked to delayed potty training and in some cases, incontinence. Learn how to get your little one potty trained easily!

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Will My Loved One With Down Syndrome Experience Incontinence?

There is a significant chance for both children and adults with Down syndrome to develop incontinence, but it doesn’t have to impact their quality of life. By recognizing and properly treating the incontinence symptoms as soon as possible, your loved one can properly manage their fecal or urinary incontinence by making simple changes to their daily lives.

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Autism & Down Syndrome: What's the Difference & How Do They Relate to Incontinence?

Learn the difference between autism and Down syndrome and how incontinence is related to both conditions.

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