Incontinence Product Guides

Choosing an Incontinence Product

Choosing the right incontinence product for your or your loved one's incontinence care can be a daunting task. Between the different product types of medical supplies, absorbency levels, sizes, and brands, we understand that it can easily become overwhelming. We put together these in-depth guides to highlight everything you may need to know in order to choose the right absorbent product for your or your loved one's specific needs.

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Adult Incontinence Products

Bladder Control Pads

Bladder Control Pads are ideal for women experiencing light bladder leakage due to activities such as laughing, sneezing, coughing, or exercising. Bladder control pads, along with male guards, are the most discreet option when it comes to incontinence supplies.

The bladder control pad is similar to a menstrual pad in that it attaches to the inside of an undergarment with its adhesive bottom layer. Although similar to a menstrual pad in appearance and function, bladder control pads offer extra protection. Incontinence pads have specialized absorbency polymers that are designed specifically to absorb urine.

These absorbent pads offer fast absorbency of leaks, keeping you dry and comfortable, as well as odor-free. Bladder control pads are small, thin, and discreet, allowing for you to easily slip them into a purse or backpack while you are on the go. The small packaging also allows for easy changing in public places.

Bladder Control Pad Key Features

  • Best for light leakage or stress incontinence
  • Offers the most discreet protection
  • Designed for the female anatomy
  • Adhesive strip attaches the pad to undergarments
  • Sizing is determined by absorbency and length
  • Small packaging allows for discreet changes and easy storage in purses or other bags

Male Guards

Male Guards are liners designed specifically for the male anatomy, with a higher ridge in front to trap leakage as soon as it happens. The underside of the male guard comfortably and securely attaches to the inside of the underwear, creating a snug seal between the body and the undergarment. 

The male guard absorbs leaks quickly and efficiently, trapping odor and keeping you comfortable and dry. The fabric forms into a cup shape, with a soft, cotton top layer that protects from skin irritation. The male guard is best for light leakage that occurs when lifting heavy objects, coughing, sneezing, or performing other strenuous movements. 

Male Guard Key Features

  • Best for light leakage or stress incontinence
  • Offers discreet protection
  • Designed specifically for the male anatomy
  • Easily attaches to undergarments
  • Small packaging allows for discreet changing
  • Product easily fits into backpacks, briefcases, or other bags

Protective Underwear (Pull-Ons)

Protective Underwear, commonly referred to as pull-ons, is an incontinence product with cloth like fabric that resembles typical underwear. Pull-ons are best suited for individuals with moderate leakage due to having overactive bladder (OAB), mixed incontinence, or frequent, sudden urges to urinate followed by involuntary voiding of the bladder.

The elastic waistband and leg openings of protective underwear offer the user maximum comfort. The ease of removing the pull-on makes this product ideal for independent, mobile adults with moderate bladder leakage.

Incontinence underwear is also available in both male and female styles, as well as gender neutral. The gender-specific protective underwear offers absorbency in different areas based on the male or female anatomy. The gender-specific design helps to prevent leakage quickly and efficiently. 

Protective Underwear Key Features

  • Ideal for moderate leakage
  • Most commonly used for overactive bladder, mixed incontinence, or if the individual has frequent, sudden urges to urinate that result in voiding of the bladder
  • Elastic waist and leg openings allow for the product to be easily pulled on and off
  • Clothlike material resembles typical underwear 
  • No fasteners or tabs
  • Available in moderate, heavy, extra heavy, & maximum absorbency levels
  • Gender-specific options available

Adult Diapers

Disposable Briefs, commonly called adult diapers, are optimal for individuals that experience heavy urinary incontinence or bowel incontinence.

Adult briefs offer the most absorbency and protection, making the brief ideal for those with heavier levels of leakage. Tab closures allow for changing without completely removing clothes, making briefs an ideal option for adults with limited mobility or those that need assistance from a caregiver or loved one. Incontinence briefs trap liquid quickly, providing long lasting dryness and odor control. 

Disposable Brief Key Features

  • Best suited for those with heavy leakage due to reflex incontinence, overflow incontinence, functional incontinence, or bowel incontinence
  • Provides the highest level of absorbency of all of the types of incontinence products
  • Tab closures allow for changing without completely undressing
  • Available in Moderate, Heavy, Extra Heavy, Maximum, and Overnight absorbency levels

Pediatric Incontinence Products


Diapers, also referred to as briefs when the child is transitioning from pediatric products to youth or adult products, are typically what comes to mind when thinking of incontinence products. Diapers provide tabs that allow for easy changing, especially for children with limited mobility. The tear-away sides also allow for a more hygienic removal. Our diapers help prevent against rashes by being breathable yet absorbent enough to protect against leaks from urinary dribbles to fecal incontinence.

Diaper Key Features

  • Available in pediatric and youth sizes
  • Fasteners and tabs allow for easy changing without completely undressing 
  • Absorbent polymers trap urine quickly, keeping skin dry and clean


Pull-Ups, available in both pediatric and youth sizes, are a great transitional product for children with incontinence. This product is ideal for children that are mobile and prefer a cloth like fabric that resembles typical underwear. The absorbent underwear has soft elastic waist and leg openings that provide comfortable protection for the child.

Pull-Up Key Features

  • Available in a range of different sizes for both pediatric and youth
  • Elastic, soft leg and waist openings with flexible fit
  • Product can be pulled on and off like typical underwear
  • Available in unisex options
  • Premium leak protection for active children

Additional Continence Care Products

Booster Pads

Booster pads are extremely absorbent pads that can be used to increase the absorbency of other personal care products, such as adult diapers or pull-ons.

Underpads (chux)

Underpads, sometimes referred to as chux or bed pads, are disposable or washable protective pads that offer extra protection for furniture such as couches, mattresses, and car seats. These heavy absorbency pads protect against light bladder leaks to heavy fecal leaks.


Gloves provide a layer of protection and hygiene for a caregiver when changing incontinence products.

Disposable Wipes

Disposable wipes, also referred to as moist washcloths, assist with easy cleanups to keep your skin care routine hygienic. Our disposable wipes are also larger than the average baby wipe, resulting in more quick and efficient cleanups.

Urinary Catheters

Urinary catheters provide users with an easy way to empty their bladders in the comfort of their own homes. From straight tip catheters to indwelling to intermittent, there are a range of catheter types to chose from.

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