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Hear the heartwarming stories from customers taking part in our {In}Confidence series, where we raise awareness and break the stigma surrounding incontinence by having open, truthful conversations.

Ziggy’s {In}Confidence Story

“We are thankful for the medical supplies that come in and take that stress off of us. Before, we were paying out of pocket, and as the years have gone by, Pampers have gotten really expensive. So, that part has made it really easy.”

Jennifer Sarkar’s {In}Confidence Story

“I did not know it was going to be as easy as it was to get diapers. It was literally me picking up the phone, calling Aeroflow, giving them all of Carter’s information, all of the doctor’s information, and within a week, they were delivered to our front door.”

Angela Blymiller’s {In}Confidence Story

“Because our son’s condition is rare and often misdiagnosed, there are not a lot of specialists in the country who focus on Theo’s condition, so we’ve had to pay for everything out of pocket. Finding Aeroflow Urology and getting diapers covered has been such a huge blessing to our family with all the other expenses that we have.”

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