Special Needs

Need a Ride to the Doctor? Medicaid Transportation Could Help

Person helping woman into a car

Discover what Medicaid transportation entails, from emergency medical assistance to non-emergency rides for beneficiaries. Learn who qualifies and how to access these crucial services efficiently.

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If You Have Incontinence, You Should Know About Ally’s Law

Restroom sign

Ally’s Law, also known as the Restroom Access Act, can help ensure you have access to restrooms in public if you have bladder or bowel control issues.

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Tips for Potty Training a Child With Down Syndrome: Q&A With Tailynn Brost

Mother holding up a happy baby.

Read our Q&A with Tailynn Brost, mother of Aspen, a child with Down syndrome, for tips on how to toilet train your child.

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Down Syndrome, Delayed Potty Training, & Incontinence

Child with Down syndrome and mom

Down syndrome is linked to delayed potty training and in some cases, incontinence. Learn how to get your little one potty trained easily!

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Q & A With Daily Autism Family! Plus 8 Ways to Help Kids With Autism & Incontinence

Family walking happily with child with autism

Managing autism already comes with its own set of unique challenges. On top of that, children with autism are more likely to have incontinence. Autism and incontinence may seem overwhelming at first, but there are proven ways to manage autism in incontinence without having to make drastic changes to your daily routine.

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Will My Loved One With Down Syndrome Experience Incontinence?

There is a significant chance for both children and adults with Down syndrome to develop incontinence, but it doesn’t have to impact their quality of life. By recognizing and properly treating the incontinence symptoms as soon as possible, your loved one can properly manage their fecal or urinary incontinence by making simple changes to their daily lives.

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Autism & Potty Training Needs

potty train autism

If your child is transitioning out of diapers, you know that the toilet training process is long and challenging for both parents and kids. Toilet training a child with autism can also be surprising at times due to the unique obstacles they may face. Read this post to understand your child's needs while potty training.

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How to Create the Ultimate Halloween for Kids With Special Needs

Halloween for kids with special needs can be challenging. While it’s an incredibly popular holiday that schools and businesses participate in, children with mental or physical disabilities may feel excluded. They may have trouble finding a costume that fits with a mobility device or have anxiety about approaching neighbors for candy. But with a little extra holiday planning, you can help create a Halloween for everyone to enjoy.

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How Spinal Cord Injuries Cause Bladder Problems & Care Tips

Loss of bladder control can occur after a spinal cord injury if certain nerves are damaged, but there are ways to treat your incontinence symptoms. 

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How the Diaper Divide Affects Children

1 in 3 US families can't afford diapers and pull-ups for their children, and more families raising children with disabilities struggle to afford incontinence products their kids require. Read how the Diaper Divide affects children with and without disabilities. 

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