10 Tips for Children With Autism & "Picky Eating"

Autism picky eater

Do you have a child with autism that seemst to be a "picky eater?" Well, that "picky eating" is actually called food aversion, and it's very common among children with autism! Adapting to your child's food aversions takes a lot of experimenting, but there are many ways to help them find nourishing foods they'll love to eat.

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How Diet Can Affect Bedwetting

You know the situation all too well. You’re awoken to the pitter-patter of tiny feet walking across your bedroom floor. You flutter your eyelids open to see your child standing at the end of your bed in damp pajamas, looking disappointed and embarrassed. And then, they say the dreaded words, “I had an accident.”
While this can be frustrating and disappointing for both child and parent, do you ever catch yourself wondering...why do kids wet the bed?

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How to Create an Inclusive Halloween for Kids with Special Needs

Halloween for kids with special needs can be challenging. While it’s an incredibly popular holiday that schools and businesses participate in, children with mental or physical disabilities may feel excluded. They may have trouble finding a costume that fits with a mobility device or have anxiety about approaching neighbors for candy. But with a little extra holiday planning, you can help create a Halloween for everyone to enjoy.

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