How Often Should You Go to the Doctor if You Have Incontinence?


Key Takeaways:

  • While it’s essential that you see your doctor annually if you have incontinence, some insurance plans require you to go twice a year or more.
  • At your appointments, your doctor should update your incontinence prescription and check in on your incontinence symptoms.
  • If you change doctors or begin seeing a specialist, it’s important that you let Aeroflow Urology’s Continence Care Specialists know.


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Let’s face it— going to see your doctor is kind of a pain. From finding transportation to taking time off work, keeping an appointment with your healthcare provider or specialist can be challenging for everyone!

But, however annoying doctor’s visits might be, regular check-ups are critical to your health, and this is especially true if you have incontinence. You and your provider are at the helm of your care team, and together you discover your conditions, explore treatments, and plot your journey to optimal health.

Without visiting your provider, your conditions may go undiagnosed and worsen. And, if you’re an Aeroflow Urology patient, your prescription for free incontinence products can expire without anyone knowing, leaving you without your monthly shipment of free supplies.

Learn how often you need to visit your healthcare provider to keep your health in check and keep prescriptions, diagnoses, and more up to date.

Why Should I Go to the Doctor Regularly?

Firstly, making and following through with regular appointments at your primary care provider’s office is essential to good health and your well-being. Some important things that happen at your appointments include:

  • Cancer screening tests.
  • Review of family history or medical history to avoid potential health problems as you age.
  • Vaccinations
  • Check-ups on chronic conditions.
  • Blood tests that can serve as early detectors for health issues before they become too serious.
  • Discussion about your overall health.

If you have incontinence, it’s even more essential that you make appointments to see your provider so you can address, treat, and track your symptoms, such as leakage, urinary frequency, bowel conditions, and more.

Read what to expect at a doctor’s appointment for incontinence.

If you’re an Aeroflow Urology patient, you should see your provider or specialist, such as a urologist, more frequently to update your incontinence supply prescription. This is especially true for new Aeroflow patients; you may qualify for free products through our Eligibility Form, but we cannot send your shipment until we’ve received the prescription from your doctor.

Medicaid plans require your healthcare provider to sign your prescription renewal, and to do that, your provider might require you to visit them in-office for a check-up to monitor and track any new or ongoing incontinence symptoms. 

When your prescription expires, Aeroflow Urology can no longer send you free incontinence products, which may leave you without supplies for the month. We recommend avoiding this at all costs, because incontinence products are expensive out of pocket— up to $300 monthly for some patients!

How Often Should I Go to the Doctor?

It’s essential that you visit your doctor annually. Keep in mind that some Medicaid plans do require more frequent visits, but the majority default to an annual requirement. 

What Should Happen at My Doctor’s Appointment?

What occurs at your scheduled appointment is up to you and your provider, but Aeroflow Urology patients should ask for a few things during their regular visits:

  1. Updated prescription. Let your doctor know your incontinence supply prescription needs to be updated. From there, Aeroflow Urology will reach out to your provider and obtain the updated or new script.
  2. Review of symptoms. Incontinence symptoms can develop for multiple reasons, especially if you have underlying conditions, and they’re also reversible, so you should let your provider know about any new, worsening, or resolved symptoms related to incontinence while you’re there. They may recommend different protective products to better suit your unique needs, in which case, they’d need to write a new prescription to give to Aeroflow. Your provider might also refer you to a specialist. If this happens, you’ll need to give your new provider’s information to Aeroflow’s Continence Care Specialists so they can communicate with the right doctor.
  3. Insurance updates. If your insurance has changed (new Medicaid ID number, different Medicaid-managed care plan, etc.), you’ll want to let your provider know so your healthcare expenses are properly covered and remain affordable.

You should continue to visit your healthcare provider(s) throughout the year, and make sure you update your incontinence prescription when you go! Regular visits can prevent health conditions from developing, and even if it’s a pain getting there, you’ll be glad you went when your free products arrive!

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