Losing Medicaid or CHIP Coverage? Steps to Take to Stay Insured

You might be one of the millions of people nationwide losing Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) or Medicaid coverage due to the pandemic’s Public Health Emergency (PHE) ending. You may have also lost insurance due to a change in income or a lapse in coverage.

Whatever your reason for coverage loss may be, when this happens, you’ll lose the ability to receive free incontinence products from Aeroflow Urology.

Learn how to re-enroll if you’ve lost Medicaid health coverage.


How Will I Know if I’ve Lost Medicaid or CHIP Coverage?

You’ll be notified by mail if you’re disenrolled in Medicaid or CHIP

Aeroflow Urology will also be notified, but only after you’ve been disenrolled, so it’s essential that you look for your disenrollment letter or contact your Medicaid’s state office to confirm.

Check this income chart to see if you believe that you’ve been disenrolled due to not meeting your state’s income requirements.

You don’t need to wait for your Medicaid or CHIP office to contact you about your coverage status! Being proactive and reaching out to your state office to ensure you have continuous coverage is the best way to stay insured

When Can I Re-Enroll for Medicaid or CHIP?

The annual special enrollment period for Affordable Care Act-compliant health insurance plans runs from November 1 to January 15 each year in most states, but enrollment is open throughout the year if you’ve lost coverage.

Check with your state’s Medicaid office to find out when your state enrollment deadline is.

You and your loved ones will have 90 days to get your coverage renewed before you are completely disenrolled.

Steps to Re-Enroll in Medicaid or CHIP

If you or your loved one has lost coverage after the 90-day period, follow these steps.

  1. Update your contact and address information through your state’s Medicaid office. 
  2. Re-enroll for Medicaid or CHIP on your state’s website or by contacting your state Medicaid office call center right away.
  3. Submit your re-enrollment information and wait for the redetermination process to be completed. To find out how long this process will take, reach out to your Medicaid office.
  4. If you are still denied Medicaid coverage after re-enrolling, you can appeal the decision or look for other coverage options in the Healthcare Marketplace.

Once you have re-enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP, call Aeroflow Urology to let our Continence Care Specialists know your coverage has been re-activated.

To start receiving free incontinence products again, you’ll need to provide us with your new Medicaid or CHIP ID number (if you’ve been assigned one–  look for this on your new insurance card). 

It may also be helpful to visit your healthcare provider around the time you are re-enrolled to ensure your incontinence prescription is current.

Medicaid & CHIP Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for a state health Medicaid or CHIP program, you or your family members must meet the requirements set by the state you reside in.

Each state’s eligibility requirements vary.

Contact your state Medicaid office for more definitive guidelines. General requirements may include:

  • Must reside in the state you are applying for Medicaid in.
  • Must meet certain income requirements (varies by state).
  • Must be institutionalized, pregnant, low income, in foster care or guardianship care, receive COBRA coverage or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or have disabilities or medical conditions.
  • Must meet certain age requirements (varies by state).

Medicaid Phone Number: 877-267-2323

Find My State’s Medicaid or CHIP Information

How to Qualify for Free Incontinence Supplies With Medicaid & Aeroflow Urology

After re-enrolling in Medicaid or CHIP, you or your loved ones may be eligible to receive free incontinence products with Aeroflow Urology.

We offer a wide variety of free, medical-grade incontinence supplies, including:

All you need to do to check your coverage for free incontinence products is fill out our Eligibility Form. It takes less than 5 minutes! We’ll let you know of your coverage determination within 1-2 business days.

As an Aeroflow Urology customer, you’ll be sent a personalized list of incontinence products to choose from that are all 100% covered by Medicaid.

Once you select the supplies you want, they’ll be shipped directly to your doorstep in discreet packaging every month. We’ll also send you friendly reminders when it’s time to reorder your supplies through our easy online reordering portal.

Check Your Eligibility

2 Easy Steps

Discover the bladder control supplies covered by your Medicaid plan.

Have your insurance card ready!

Can I Get Free Products Through Medicare?

Unfortunately, Medicare does not deem incontinence products as medically necessary, so those with Medicare will not qualify for incontinence supplies with Aeroflow Urology.

However, Aeroflow Urology believes that every person with incontinence should have a provision for coverage under their insurance no matter what. We are actively fighting to increase the level of coverage for these critical products through insurance!