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How Often Should You Go to the Doctor if You Have Incontinence?


How often should I go to the doctor? Why do I need a prescription from my doctor to get free incontinence products? Get the answers in this article.

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Continence Care After a Brain Injury

People who experience traumatic brain injuries commonly develop incontinence, but why? Learn about how these two are related.

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How To Ask For Help With Geriatric Incontinence

Asking for help has the potential to be uncomfortable, especially when it comes to adult incontinence. You don’t want your family to worry about you, but handling urinary incontinence on your own can quickly become overwhelming. Once you ask for assistance for your condition, a majority of stress and anxiety can be alleviated to take your life back.

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How To Care For CHARGE Syndrome & Incontinence

Caring for a child with CHARGE syndrome already has a lot of unique challenges to face, as symptoms can vary greatly among patients. Because incontinence is incredibly common in children and adults with CHARGE, it can really add to the list obstacles to overcome. However, the bathroom doesn’t have to rule your child’s life. As your child grows and progresses there are a number of ways to simplify incontinence care.

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