Bladder Control Problems & Your Period

Your menstural cycle dictates how you feel throughout each month and your period brings lots of unwanted side effects. In the last 20 years, studies have begun to show that one of those side effects might be incontinence.

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Autism, Sex, & Stigmas

sex and autism

Sex can sometimes be viewed as taboo, but let’s face it: It’s a regular part of our everyday lives, even if we’re not sexually active. It’s everywhere— on social media, television, and advertisements. But how are sex and romantic relationships discussed among people with autism? And why are there still stigmas around it?

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6 Ways to Manage Incontinence After Prostate Surgery

prostate surgery jog and incontinence

Incontinence is a common side effect of having prostate surgery, but there are ways to manage it and get back to living a full lifestyle.

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Autism & Diet: The Best & Worst Foods

autism diet foods

Research suggests that diets can have an impact on the lifestyles of people who have autism. Read this post in under 10 minutes to find out which foods are best and worst to eat if you have autism.

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Calling All Females: Here's How to Urinate Properly

urinate properly female

Did you know there are right and wrong ways to urinate? Yes, that's right, ladies: You may be urinating incorrectly! This post will help sort through all the information out there on how to void correctly and give you the real facts so you can keep your urinary system healthy. 

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The Link Between Covid-19 & Frequent Urination

frequent urination

During the Covid-19 pandemic, people with Overactive bladder (OAB) have been experiencing an increase in their OAB symptoms. Some even noticed an onset of new symptoms that they hadn't before, such as frequent urination and nocturia. Could this be connected to the coronavirus? Discover what new studies are revealing about the link between Covid-19 and frequent urination. 

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13 Tips to Empty Your Bladder Completely

Empty Your Bladder Completely

Feel like you don't spend enough time using the restroom? Use these 13 tips when going to make sure your bladder is completely empty. Doing so will help you avoid problems like UTIs, damaged bladder muscles, and even kidney failure. 

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How to Manage Lower Back Pain & Incontinence

lower back pain and incontinence

Back pain is already frustrating enough, and when you add incontinence on top of that, your quality of life can be interrupted. See exactly what contributes to lower back pain and incontinence and how to make managing these symptoms easy.

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