A photo of Jesse S.

Jesse S.

Patient Advocacy Expert

Jesse S. is Aeroflow Urology's first Patient Advocacy Expert. With a strong background in incontinence, he is driven by a desire to help others by sharing personal experiences. Jesse is passionate about technology and media, aiming to assist and guide others in these areas. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, watching movies, and spending quality time with family. Through his role and personal interests, Jesse demonstrates a unique and dedicated focus on the important topic of incontinence.

Coping With Adult Incontinence: 9 Tips From an Expert

Person hugging another person, looking at a city skyline in the distance.

Incontinence can have a major effect on individuals’ mental health. Read Jesse’s first-hand account of managing incontinence and the difficult emotions that come along with it and get 9 expert tips on managing your emotions.

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Navigating Incontinence at Work: Tips from Our Patient Advocacy Expert

A group of workers sitting, laughing with each other.

Managing incontinence at work? Read Jesse's story as an adult with autism and incontinence and get his expert tips for staying confident in the workplace.

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In Support of Incontinence On Social Media: Ending Stigma Online

person on social media

Social media platforms have been turned into places of connection and support for many conditions, but sometimes, incontinence topics are flagged as inappropriate, leaving those searching for help with feelings of shame. Read Jesse’s first-hand experience navigating his condition online.

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