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What to Know About Catheters & Erectile Dysfunction

Coloplast catheter on shelf

Explore the intricate relationship between catheter use and erectile dysfunction, and learn about the diverse causes of ED and their preventive strategies.

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Should Men Sit When They Pee? 4 Benefits of Sitting Down

Man holding toilet paper by toilet

Explore the age-old debate: Should men sit or stand when peeing? Discover the benefits of sitting down, optimal posture tips, and how to address challenges in this insightful blog. From pelvic floor health to cultural stigma, empower your choices with informed insights.

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What Is “Manopause” & How Does It Relate to Incontinence?

Older man and woman talking

Discover the impact male menopause has on men's health, including its connection to urinary incontinence. Learn about symptoms, treatment options, and why addressing these issues is essential for maintaining well-being as men age.

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How to Manage Urinary Incontinence After Prostate Surgery

If you experience incontinence after prostate surgery, read these 7 tips for managing symptoms. Plus, find out how to keep your prostate healthy to prevent cancer. 

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The Best Incontinence Underwear for Men

Read about the best adult protective underwear for men and find out if you can get them free through Medicaid.

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10 Reasons Men Should See a Urologist

A urologist can help men with more than just urinary problems. Here are 10 reasons males should see a urologist or pelvic floor specialist in their lifetimes. 

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Men, It’s Time to Talk About Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence can be challenging to talk about due to the stigmas that surround the topic, especially for men. Let's break the silence and finally open discussion around male urinary incontinence!

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The Best Products for Male Incontinence

Man shopping for incontinence products

Find out which top male incontinence product is best for your lifestyle and see if you can get the products free through insurance.

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What Is a Male Incontinence Pad & How Do I Wear It?

Male incontinence pads come in two different styles and help with managing incontinence. Learn the difference between the types and how to wear them. 

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