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Q&A with Ms. Wheelchair USA - Madeline Delp

Madeline Delp is a car accident survivor turned motivational speaker, disability advocate, and public figure. She is a Ms. Wheelchair USA winner, fear-chaser, and world traveler. She, through her nonprofit Live Boundless, has delivered over 400 wheelchairs to those in need in Asia and South America. Despite her busy schedule of fear-chasing and pageant winning, Madeline sat down with us to answer some questions on everything from dating to staying active in a pandemic.

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Madeline Delp: Confidence Series with Aeroflow Urology - Part 1

Written by Madeline Delp, Aeroflow Urology Brand Ambassador
I was doing an interview recently for a podcast, and the host asked me how I built up enough confidence to compete in pageantry. I paused for a second and considered the question. How exactly did the little girl who was too scared to start a conversation muster enough courage and confidence to roll on stage in front of hundreds of people?

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