“You Can Never be ‘Ready’ to Raise a Child With Developmental Delays” : Meet the Raymonds

After their daughter, Melody, stopped communicating with them, the Raymonds began their search for a specialist to understand what type of disability Melody had. Along with the loss of communication, Melody was experiencing learning and potty training difficulties. Read the Raymonds’ story and how they found Aeroflow Urology helpful during their daughter’s journey. 

The Raymond's Story

Larissa and Kurt Raymond’s daughter, Melody, began experiencing communication delays around the age of 2 years old. “Her diagnosis was a surprise because she was saying small words, like ‘juice,’ and ‘moon,’ and then she just stopped talking altogether,” says Larissa. 

At her current age of 3, Melody still struggles to communicate with her parents and is experiencing a delay in fine motor skills. She has a low level of understanding of why the Raymonds do things, and her attention level is also very short, according to Larissa.

Although they know Melody has developmental disabilities, the Raymonds have yet to find a proper diagnosis for their daughter. “I have an appointment with a specialist because no one has an exact diagnosis,” Larissa says. In the meantime, Melody has been enrolled in a special education and IEP program that helps her understand the basics of communication.

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“We love her and raise her to the best of our ability,” Larissa says. “We give her patience and understanding that some tasks will be more difficult than others.” Potty training is one of the tasks Melody finds more difficult than others; Every day, Larissa guides, educates, and teaches Melody that the toilet is where people relieve themselves but because she has communication delays, it affects her potty training ability.

Like many other children with special needs, the Raymonds use incontinence products, like diapers and pull-ups, to help Melody stay comfortable as she learns to potty train. And, like many other families and individuals with incontinence, the Raymonds struggled to afford the high cost of incontinence products.

Larissa says that while Melody would always have diapers, the Raymonds would get the cheapest brands from anywhere and everywhere. 

Diaper banks, CUS, Walmart– anywhere they could afford to go and purchase diapers. “If we had only $5 for gas or diapers we tried to put our daughter first, and my husband would beg and ask strangers for gas or cash,” Larissa says. 

The Raymonds struggled to afford diapers and resorted to using household items to help Melody with her bladder leaks. “Some nights, I had to put a sock in Melody’s pants to help with incontinence until the next day when we could get money.” 

But then the family found Aeroflow Urology, the company that provides incontinence products 100% covered by insurance to those with disabilities and other medical conditions. 

“The diapers from Aeroflow Urology have saved ours and my daughter’s life,” Larissa says. “We no longer have to struggle worrying about how we can afford them, and the quality of these diapers gives the utmost confidence and security to Melody.” Larissa says the diapers she receives from Aeroflow never leak and hold enough fluid so Melody doesn’t have to be changed so often. 

“You can never be ‘ready’ to raise a child with developmental delays,” says Larissa. But, with the help of Aeroflow Urology, you can be prepared for incontinence.

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