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Adult Incontinence Care

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Adult Incontinence Explained

Incontinence is basically the loss of voiding control, most commonly when it comes to urine. Suffers may lose complete control of voiding urine from the bladder or fecal matter from the bowel. It is also described as the involuntary emptying of the bladder.

Urinary incontinence is actually quite common among people of all ages and geriatric incontinence specifically refers to senior members suffering from the condition. There are multiple types of incontinence that will affect the best course of management for each individual patient.

Even though this condition can be quite frustrating at first, especially when your spouse or parent is affected, with the proper adult incontinence supplies your loved one’s freedom and mobility doesn’t have to be limited. We will make sure they receive the best items suited for their individual needs to keep them comfortable, and clean.

There are various types of urinary incontinence.

Diurnal Incontinence or diurnal wetting is pediatric incontinence that occurs during the daytime or during waking hours.

Enuresis, commonly referred to as ‘bedwetting’ occurs when pediatric incontinence happens during the night. You may hear the term nocturnal enuresis, as voiding of the bladder occurs in sleep during nocturnal hours.

Primary Enuresis is when a child has good bladder control during the day but has involuntary voiding during the night.

Secondary Enuresis occurs after a child has been able to remain dry for a period of six months, then suddenly suffers from symptoms.

Adult Incontinence Management

Incontinence doesn’t have to be a condition that plagues you, your spouse, or parent, and it doesn’t have to hamper mobility or lifestyle. There are certain incontinence treatments that could cause the condition to fade away over time, however, there are a variety of tools for adult incontinence management to help you to keep your loved one relaxed and accident-free in the meantime.

The first step involves being patient and understanding. Whereas you may be overwhelmed about who to care for your loved one, they are also suffering from this potentially humiliating condition and have multiple unknowns to face themselves.

Then contact an Aeroflow support expert to learn about the advanced incontinence products we have to offer. We will take the time to discuss each of the products so you can make an informed decision about the items best suited for your loved one’s needs. Their quality of life doesn’t have to suffer as they adjust to this lifestyle change.

For example, there is a variety of adult disposable underwear to allow sufferers to participate in events where bathrooms are frequently available. There are also incontinence pads and chux to keep surfaces sanitary and urine free. Plus, caregivers have a variety of changing gloves and sanitary wipes to take advantage of to easily and discreetly change your parent.


Aeroflow is here to serve as your resource to answer all of your questions and guide you through this difficult adjustment. Instead of simply providing incontinence supplies we will make sure you find the best option for your loved one specifically and that you have all the information you need.

Aeroflow understands that getting incontinence products can be a source of anxiety. That is why we ship these items directly to your door in discrete packages. No one has to know what is inside and you can avoid making embarrassing trips to the store.

If you’re caring for a loved one or patient with elderly incontinence, then you are busy with a lot of new factors to worry about. Aeroflow wants to help out by freeing up some of your time. That’s why we will contact your loved one’s insurance company and doctor for you if they qualify to receive incontinence supplies.

We want to take on multiple phone calls to make sure the supplies you need are shipped to your home while you have more free time to help your family adjust to caring for the special one in your life. Just remember, you are not alone and we are here to help.