Downloadable Guides 

Downloadable resources to help you on your continence care journey. Share, print, and carry them with you for a quick reference!

Pediatric Catheterization

An in-depth guide for parents to help with pediatric catheterization. 

Back-to-Work Breastfeeding Plan

Female Self-Catheterization

A detailed guide to help females self-catheterize safely and confidently.

Color Variations in Breast Milk

Male Self-Catheterization

A detailed guide to help males use intermittent self-catheters safely and confidently.

Building a Perfect Pumping Room

Adult Bladder Diary

A printable diary for adults to log bladder symptoms.

Breastfeeding in the Workplace

Kids' Bladder Diary

A simple, printable bladder diary for children to track incontinence symptoms.

How to Store Your Breast Milk

The ACA's Effect on Breastfeeding

How the ACA has changed breastfeeding rates and experience.

The ACA's Effect on Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Superfoods

Get plenty of these breastfeeding-healthy foods in your diet.

Breastfeeding Superfoods

How to Clean Your Pump

Keeping the parts of your pump clean is critical for safety and maximum function.

How to Clean Your Breast Pump