Downloadable Guides 

Downloadable resources to help you on your continence care journey. Share, print, and carry them with you for a quick reference!

Pediatric Catheterization

An in-depth guide for parents to help with pediatric catheterization. 

Female Self-Catheterization

A detailed guide to help females self-catheterize safely and confidently.

Male Self-Catheterization

A detailed guide to help males use intermittent self-catheters safely and confidently.

Adult Bladder Diary

A printable diary for adults to log their bladder symptoms.

Kids' Bladder Diary

A simple, printable bladder diary for children to track incontinence symptoms.

Urinary Incontinence Questionnaire

Quick and easy urinary incontinence questionnaire for both teens and adults.

Ask Your Doctor

 8 incontinence questions you should ask your doctor.

10 Bladder Self Care Tips

Learn how to take care of your bladder using these tips.

Changing Kids' Diapers

Changing a kid's diaper? Use this guide to help you prepare. 

Qualification Requirements Checklist

Grab this checklist to see if you qualify to receive free products through Medicare.

All About Chip Guide

What is Chip? Whats Covered? Who qualifies for Chip? How to Apply? Find out answers here!  

Autism Grocery List

Forgot to grab an item from the grocery store? Download this grocery checklist today!

Incontinence Holiday Guide

Download this guide if you're traveling with incontinence! (bonus: food tips inside)

Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Your body takes a toll as you age. Grab this guide to keep your kidneys in good shape!

Medications & Your Bladder

Taking medications? See how they have an effect on your bladder!

Running Without Leakage

Marathon coming up? or taking a routine jog? Cross off this checklist before you head out.

Catheter Tip Differences

There are different type of catheters. Download this guide to see what they are!

Traveling With Incontinence Checklist

Going on a trip? Grab this checklist so you don't forget your travel and incontinence supplies.

Trick-Or-Treat Tips

Spooky season around the corner? Check out these trick-or-treat tips!

Urinary Incontinence Treatments

Dealing with urinary incontinence? Here are 8 helpful treatments.

When To See A Urologist

Confused on when to visit a urologist? The answers are inside this guide.