Incontinence Sizing Charts

Why Sizing Is Important

Correct sizing of your incontinence products is crucial to the efficacy of the product itself. Your product should fit comfortably snug, not too large and not too small. If the sizing is incorrect, this could cause your product to leak and become ineffective.

Once you pick the correct product, or combination of products, for your specific needs, the next step will be finding the correct size. Whether you need bladder control pads, pull-ons, or briefs, Aeroflow Urology's Continence Care Specialists are available to help you find the best size for your body. The charts below can be a good starting point in finding your correct size and fit.

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Adult Incontinence Product Sizing

Protective Underwear (Pull-On) Sizing

The sizing of protective underwear is decided by a combination of the individual's height and weight. Protective underwear, or a pull-on, is offered from sizes small to 2XL. Our 2XL goes up to an 80" waist, which is larger than the typical 2XL in pants.

Adult Brief Sizing

Adult brief sizing is determined by the weight and height of the individual. Briefs are offered in small, medium, regular, large, and extra large, with sizing up to 3XL. However, the 3XL of our adult briefs go up to a 100" waist.

Pediatric Incontinence Product Sizing

Pediatric Diaper Sizing

Pediatric diapers are offered in sizes 1-6. 1-3 are typical small/medium sizes, and 4-6 are typical large/extra large sizes. Sizing is typically determined by the weight of the child.

  • Size 1 = 8-14lbs.
  • Size 2 = 12-18lbs.
  • Size 3 = 16-28lbs.
  • Size 4 = 22-37lbs.
  • Size 5 = 27+ lbs.
  • Size 6 = 35+ lbs.

Youth Diaper Sizing

Youth diapers, also referred to as youth briefs, are available in size 7 and Youth XS. Sizing is typically determined by the weight or waist size of the child.

  • Size 7 = 41+ lbs.
  • Youth/XS = 15"-31"

Pediatric Pull-Up Sizing

Pediatric pull-ups, also referred to as training pants, are available in 2T-5T. As with pediatric diaper sizing, the sizing of pull-ups is typically determined by weight.

  • 2T-3T = Up to 34lbs.
  • 3T-4T = 32-30lbs.
  • 4T-5T = 35-38+ lbs.

Youth Pull-Up Sizing

Youth pull-ups, also referred to as training pants, are available in combination sizes (S/M, M/L, L/XL). Sizing is typically determined by the weight or waist size of the child.

  • Youth S/M = 38-65lbs.
  • Youth M/L = 65-85lbs.
  • Youth L/XL = 60-125lbs.

Bladder Pad Guide

Bladder pads come in a variety of absorbency levels and lengths. The bladder pad that's right for you will be determined by your level of leakage and the length you require. Choose from minimal to overnight absorbency and regular (7.5") to long (13") lengths. 

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