Why You Should Never Use Two Incontinence Products at Once

If you or a loved one uses incontinence products, then you know that it can be tempting to use two products at once, especially if, for whatever reason, one product isn’t getting the job done. 

This is called double padding, and it can have negative effects on your body, your wallet, and your product’s ability to keep you dry. 

Here, we’ll explain why you should never use two incontinence products at once and let you know what you can do if one product alone isn’t working.

Why Is My Primary Product Leaking?

There are a couple of reasons you or a loved one are experiencing leakage while wearing a single incontinence product.

  • You’re wearing the wrong size. Wearing the wrong size product can result in leakage. This is due to gaps in the leg holes or other parts of the pelvic area.

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  • You need a higher absorbency level. A common reason for leakage past a primary product is wearing an incontinence product with too little absorbency for your incontinence level. For example, you may have heavy incontinence but are using a light bladder control pad; This is problematic because heavy incontinence requires a heavier product, such as adult protective underwear or adult briefs. 
  • Thinking double padding works. While it may seem like a reasonable solution to a primary product leaking, using two products actually creates more problems. 
  • Not getting better products for your incontinence. You may not realize that there are better or more absorbent products available to you or that you may be able to receive free incontinence products through certain suppliers, such as Aeroflow Urology.

Why You Should Never Double Up On Products

No matter what incontinence product you’re attempting to overlap with another, you shouldn’t do it. Here’s why.

1. Product Design

Incontinence products– whether it’s an adult diaper, bladder control pad, or protective underwear–are designed to be worn one at a time, which is why each item specifies what level of absorbency it can handle alone.

2. Waterproof Backing

Each incontinence product is made with waterproof backing, meaning they are designed to hold in a certain amount of liquid. If your first product becomes full, it will spill out onto your second product rather than seep through to the other product’s core due to this protective backing.

3. More Leakage

Never double up on products chartNever double up on products chart

Most people think that adding a second product will absorb the leaks from the first product, but this is incorrect.

Leakage from the product closest to your body will overflow into the wrong areas of the second product, usually outside of the absorbent core. This causes the second product to leak even more quickly.

4. Moisture Build-Up

When you double up, your first product will leak onto your second and both will become less absorbent, as discussed above. When your products can’t absorb urine, the moisture and wetness become trapped in your products against your skin.

5. Skin Irritation & Friction

When moisture builds up in your primary product, it can cause skin irritation. Two products rubbing together or rubbing on your body can also cause friction.

6. Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Skin irritation isn’t all that can occur when you double pad; Wet diapers create the perfect environment for bacteria to grow, which can lead to UTIs.

7. Less Breathability 

Wearing two products at once reduces the original breathability of each product, leading to heat and sweat building up around your body. This causes skin irritation and skin breakdown.

8. Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis (IAD)

This condition develops when the protective barrier of your skin is broken down due to too much heat and moisture being trapped around your skin.

9. Bedsores

Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers or pressure injuries, can occur in those using two incontinence products at once due to IAD.

10. Increased Odor

Odor usually builds up when you wear incontinence products, so most are made to protect against these smells, and when doubling up, you decrease the product’s ability to breathe and absorb moisture, causing more odors to develop.

11. Higher Cost

If you are using two incontinence products at once, you’re going to end up spending more money than you would while using a single product to catch your leaks.

12. Discreetness

Wearing two products under your clothes may be bulky and decrease the discreetness that’s made to come with these items.

13. Mobility

Doubling up can be uncomfortable and may give you less mobility than you’d have when wearing the products alone.

14. Changes

Some incontinence products, such as adult briefs, are made with tabs that aid in quicker changes and are easy to take on and off. But, if you need to take off one product after another, it will take longer for you to use the restroom and change your incontinence product.

How to Avoid Double Padding

Try these solutions instead of wearing two incontinence products. 

1. Make sure you’re using the right size product. Measure your waist, hips, thighs, and weight to know your size. Then, use an incontinence sizing guide to apply the information and find your perfect fit.

2. Ask about free incontinence supplies. You may qualify for free incontinence supplies through your insurance plans.

To check if you qualify, submit your information through Aeroflow Urology’s Eligibility Form. It’s quick and easy, and a dedicated Continence Care Specialist will reach out to you to help you find the best products for your needs.

3. Know your leakage level and incontinence type. Knowing your level of incontinence and what type of incontinence you have is crucial to using the correct products. Use a leakage level chart or speak to a healthcare professional about your incontinence symptoms.

Adult brief sizing guideAdult brief sizing guide

4. Try different products. If you know your incontinence level and your size but your primary product is still leaking, you may need to try out a different style of product. Aeroflow Urology supplies multiple types of bladder control pads, diapers, protective underwear, booster pads, and underpads for both children and adults. We can also send you free samples to try out so you can figure out which products are right for you.

How to Qualify for Free Incontinence Supplies

If you need incontinence supplies, see if you qualify to get them through Aeroflow Urology. Get started today by filling out our Eligibility Form.

If approved, we will:

  • Assign you to a dedicated Continence Care Specialist that will answer your questions and send you free samples of incontinence products, and help you fill out the necessary paperwork from your healthcare provider.
  • Give you a curated shopping experience for ordering your supplies, all through your mobile device, tablet, or computer.
  • Ship your products to your doorstep for free in unmarked boxes on a monthly basis.
  • Send you text or email reminders so you know when it’s time to fill up on supplies.

Information provided on the Aeroflow Urology website is not intended as a substitute to medical advice or care from a healthcare professional. Aeroflow recommends consulting your healthcare provider if you are experiencing medical issues relating to incontinence.