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Don’t Lose Your Free Incontinence Products! How to Keep Medicaid & CHIP Coverage Active

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Learn how to keep your Medicaid or CHIP coverage active so you continue to receive proper care from your doctors, low-cost prescriptions, and free incontinence products with Aeroflow Urology.

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Here's How & Where You Can Get Free Incontinence Products on Low Income

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If you are an individual or a family on low income, you may qualify to get incontinence products at little to no cost. Find the resources available to you.

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Can I Get Free Incontinence Products Through Alaska Medicaid?

To be approved for incontinence supplies under Alaska Medicaid you must have the following items. An Aeroflow Urology Specialist will help you gather all of this necessary information: Documented proof within the last six months that the items are considered medically necessary by a physician, the medical reason for needing supplies, and the estimated amount of supplies needed per day.

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7 Expert Tips to Save Money On Incontinence Products

Get our expert tips on how to save money on incontinence supplies this holiday season. 

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