8 Adult Diaper-Changing Hacks for Caregivers, From an Expert

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Edited by Marlee Septak, Copywriter at Aeroflow Urology.

The key to effective caregiving lies in combining empathetic understanding with practical skills. However, when managing a loved one’s incontinence, empathy and basic knowledge might not be enough. Sometimes, caregivers need a little extra help.

That’s where adult diaper-changing hacks come in handy! Empower yourself with these 7 expert tips from Occupational Therapist Mary Osborne so that caring for your loved one is easier than ever.

8 Expert Diaper Hacks for Caregivers

1. The Thread

Imagine being able to put on adult disposable absorbent underwear (adult pull-ons / protective underwear) without needing to remove your loved one’s shoes or shorts. With this hack, you’ll be able to make this a reality.


  1. Slip your loved one’s absorbent underwear onto one leg.
  2. Thread it through under their shorts or pants.
  3. Guide the other leg in.
  4. Pull the absorbent underwear up.

2. The Toilet Change

Changing diapers (adult briefs) with tabs while your loved one is seated versus standing can significantly minimize the risk of falls and strain. This technique is ideal when your loved one can stand but struggles with doing so for a prolonged period.


  1. While your loved one is seated on the toilet, place their fresh brief on them and secure the tabs.
  2. Help them stand up and re-adjust the brief as they’re standing.

3. The Pad-In-Pull-Up

This hack is for caregivers looking to reduce the frequency of protective underwear changes. This trick offers extended protection for loved ones who are sleeping, traveling, attending a longer event, won’t have access to a restroom for a long period, or will be alone for an unusual amount of time.


  1. Place an absorbent pad (booster pad) inside your loved one’s primary incontinence product.
  2. Conduct regular checks (every 2-4 hours) of the absorbent pad to assess its wetness. Replace both the pad and the pull-up when you notice they are becoming too heavy, start to sag, or if there are any signs of leakage.

4. The Happy Wallet

Incontinence supplies can cost hundreds of dollars per month out of pocket, placing financial strains on caregivers and their loved ones. That’s why Aeroflow Urology offers FREE incontinence products 100% covered by your loved one’s Medicaid-managed care plan if they qualify.

Medicaid requires that your loved one has an underlying condition that causes incontinence, such as dementia, spina bifida, etc., and that your loved one has been diagnosed with incontinence by a healthcare provider. They also may require a prescription to prove that your loved one’s free products are medically necessary.

Applying for free products for your loved one is easy. Follow the simple steps below to get started!


  1. Grab your loved one’s Medicaid or Medicaid-managed care plan card and look for their full name, date of birth, and insurance ID information.
  2. Go to Aeroflow Urology’s secure Eligibility Form and submit the required information. Make sure you’re filling out your loved one’s information and not your own.
  3. Submit your information. Your loved one will find out if they qualify for insurance-covered incontinence supplies in 1-2 business days after applying. If they qualify, we’ll ship their products directly to their home every month in discreet packaging!

5. The Healthy Caregiver

Being a caregiver doesn't imply neglecting your own needs; it's about balancing care for them and for yourself. In the context of managing a loved one's incontinence, caring for yourself can mean employing proper body mechanics to protect your physical health. Below is just one example of prioritizing proper body mechanics when caring for your loved one.


  1. When lifting your loved one to move them or change their incontinence product, bend at the knees.
  2. Keep your back straight— this is vital to prevent injuries and maintain effective caregiving.

6. The Tear

Did you know that disposable underwear can be removed without being taken off completely? It’s true! This technique can be helpful when you’re in a hurry to change your loved one’s product or during lighter leakage episodes.


  1. Seat your loved one on the toilet and pull clothing down to the ankles.
  2. Pull protective underwear to below the knees.
  3. Tear the protective underwear on one side while holding the torn side.
  4. Tear the opposite side, preventing the underwear from falling onto your loved one’s clothing.

7. The Easy-Off

Opting for adaptive clothing with features like Velcro closures or elastic waistbands can make a significant difference in changes. These garments are designed for ease and can significantly simplify the changing process, simplifying dressing and undressing. If you’re looking for an adaptive clothing brand, try Silverts.

8. The Engage & Change

Engaging your loved one during changes can create a positive distraction, making the process quicker and more pleasant for both of you.


  1. Let your loved one know it’s time to change their product.
  2. Choose an engaging activity, such as conversation, music, or giving your loved one a familiar object to use.
  3. Change their product while they are engaged.

What to Remember

Caring for a loved one with incontinence and an underlying medical condition is both challenging and rewarding. Small changes in your approach can significantly enhance the quality of care you give. Keep these hacks in mind as you navigate your caregiving journey.

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