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Special Needs or Disabled: Which Term Should You Use?

The vernacular for people with special needs has changed over the last hundred years and continues to evolve with society. Aeroflow Urology took a poll to see which term people prefer today and why: "special needs" or "disabled?"

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A Guide to Autism & Incontinence In Older Children

Incontinence may be present in older children with autism. Discover why bladder and bowel issues continue into later years and find out what you can do to support your loved one.

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Challenges & Solutions For Autism Parents

child with autism

Toilet training can be tough on parents and children, especially if your child has autism. So why do children with autism have trouble potty training, and what is it really like to potty train a child with autism? Sierra Ferrell shares her family's story of toilet training her child with autism. 

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