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All You Need to Know About Bedwetting Alarms for Kids

Are you considering using a bed-wetting alarm to help your child overcome nighttime accidents? Discover what the devices do and which alarm system may be right for your loved one. 

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The Psychological Causes of Bedwetting

bedwetting, psychological causes of waking up at night

Waking up cold and wet in the middle of the night is never fun. It can be confusing and cause us to have low self-esteem at times. If you wonder why you experience bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) or why your child does, read this article to gain insight into the psychological causes behind it and what you can do to have more dry nights.

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Helping Your Child With ADHD & Bedwetting

Dad and child with adhd in bed
There are many signs that can lead to an ADHD diagnosis. Whether it's difficulty concentrating at school, hyperactivity, or mood swings, it may be shocking to discover bedwetting can also be related to ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Although ADHD can affect multiple areas of development, the prevalence of nocturnal enuresis in children can be very stressful and affect the child's self-esteem.

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5 Parenting Tips for Overcoming Nocturnal Enuresis (Bedwetting)

Nocturnal enuresis, or bedwetting, can be very concerning for both the parent and affected child. The exhaustion from middle of the night cleanups in addition to worrying about your child can quickly become overwhelming. You may not exactly know where to start, but with these few tips, you’ll be better equipped to handle your child’s enuresis.

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