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Indwelling Urinary Catheters

Urinary Catheter

Indwelling foley catheters remain in your body for prolonged periods and are typically inserted by your physician. These catheters use a drainage bag and are ideal for patients who are sedated, comatose, who have incontinence issues, or an enlarged prostate.

Instead of removing the catheter after emptying the bladder like with an intermittent catheter, an indwelling foley catheter uses a drainage bag to collect urine. These types of catheters may be inserted through the urethra or inserted through a small hole in the stomach by a healthcare provider. In order to prevent the catheter from sliding out, indwelling foley catheters have a small, inflated balloon on the end, when the catheter needs to be removed, the balloon is deflated.

An indwelling foley catheter works on a two-channel system. One of the channels runs the entire length of the tube and is open at both ends. This helps to allow the urine to drain from the bladder to the urinary drainage bag. The other channel is a one-way channel which leads to the balloon which is filled with sterilized water.

The frequency at which an indwelling foley catheter should be changed is based on your individual needs. If you notice leakage around your catheter this could be a good indication that your catheter needs to be changed. Speak with your healthcare provider to determine an optimum catheterization schedule.

While you do not insert this catheter, indwelling foley catheters must still be cared for during use. You should clean the area where the catheter enters your body with soap and warm water each day. You should also clean all visible parts of the catheter. Keeping the catheter and the area around it clean helps reduce the chance of developing a urinary tract infection (UTI).


You may be eligible to receive your catheter supplies at little-to-no cost to you through insurance. Medicare and Medicaid may pay for an allowable amount of your catheter supplies each month.

To find out if you qualify, simply complete our Qualify Through Insurance form and one of our friendly Patient Care Representatives will verify your insurance and contact you to discuss your coverage and catheter options.

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