How To Ask For Help With Geriatric Incontinence

Asking for help has the potential to be uncomfortable, especially when it comes to adult incontinence. You don’t want your family to worry about you, but handling urinary incontinence on your own can quickly become overwhelming. Once you ask for assistance for your condition, a majority of stress and anxiety can be alleviated to take your life [...]

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How To Navigate Public Restrooms And Incontinence

Public bathrooms and incontinence is a phrase that could strike fear in your own bladder, especially when caring for a child with urological issues. Navigating the sea of toilets away from home can be intimidating. From finding a clean one to being prepared for potential accidents, there is a lot to consider. However, with proper planning, you’ll [...]

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Helping Your Child With ADHD And Bedwetting

ADHD and bedwetting? This might be a shocking link because when children have ADHD issues, it’s usually associated with their performance in the classroom. However, ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can affect multiple areas of development, including enuresis or involuntarily urinating during sleep. The Link Between ADHD and Bedwetting Studies suggest that 20 to [...]

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Coloplast Catheters

Coloplast Catheters Choosing the right medical products is almost universally a daunting task for both patients and their caregivers. In choosing the right catheter for you or your loved ones, one brand, in particular, stands apart as one of the industry leaders in patient outcomes and product quality, and that is Coloplast catheters. Hydrophilic Catheters Coloplast is [...]

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Natalie Shares Her Battle With Nocturnal Enuresis 

Nocturnal enuresis, wetting the bed, can be difficult for children and their parents to understand. Sometimes the stress increases with age, as the condition continues in the teen and even adult years. Natalie has shared her struggle and embarrassment with managing nocturnal enuresis until she reached the age of 18. If your child is struggling, they're not alone. Natalie's [...]

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