How To Simplify Managing PTSD and Incontinence

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is generally associated with nervousness, anxiety, and possibly even nightmares. It may seem common to cause sweating or breathing, but what about urinary accidents? Those are actually quite common too, as there is a link between PTSD and incontinence for both children and adults. PTSD and Incontinence PTSD is defined as [...]

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We’re Proud To Announce Diaper Drive Success

Aeroflow Urology is proud to announce the success of our diaper drive. As a result of our weeklong effort, we were able to gather thousands of diapers to donate to local impoverished families in McDowell County, NC. We’re Announcing Diaper Drive Success! On Saturday, April 27th, Aeroflow Urology volunteers and members from the NC Diaper [...]

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Are You Ready For All Kids Healthy Week?

It’s time for the 7th annual Every Kid Healthy Week! Starting today, April 22nd till the 26th it’s time to engage students, stage, parents, and community members in a celebration of school wellness. Join the national movement working towards making schools healthier so kids can learn the importance of eating healthy, becoming more physically active, and become [...]

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Find The Best Incontinence Supplies For Your Needs

When a loved one is diagnosed with incontinence it’s important to make sure they’re matched with the proper incontinence supplies to keep them clean and dry. Choosing the right items may seem a little overwhelming, but these products will enhance your loved one’s quality of life by providing protection and security. Plus, you may qualify to have [...]

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