Georgia Ranked Third Worst In Medicaid Disenrollment. Here’s How to Re-Enroll If You’ve Lost Coverage

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Key Takeaways:

  • The US Department of Health and Human Services has ranked Georgia as the 3rd worst state for pediatric Medicaid disenrollment.
  • 700,000 residents have lost their Medicaid coverage since the public health emergency ended.
  • Those who have lost coverage can re-enroll in Georgia Medicaid to continue receiving free incontinence supplies through insurance.

Since the end of the public health emergency (PHE) in April 2023, Georgia has faced a significant challenge in maintaining Medicaid coverage for its residents.

700,000 individuals have lost their health coverage amid the redetermination process so far. This loss has left many without access to essential medical services and supplies, including incontinence products.

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However, those affected can take steps to re-enroll and regain their Medicaid benefits, ensuring continued support and access to necessary healthcare resources. This guide will walk you through re-enrolling in Georgia Medicaid and provide tips on securing insurance-covered incontinence supplies.

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Georgia Medicaid Disenrollment

What to Do If You’ve Lost Medicaid Coverage

How to Get Insurance-Covered Incontinence Supplies With Georgia Medicaid


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Georgia Medicaid Disenrollment

Since the public health emergency (PHE) ended in April 2023, states’ Medicaid redetermination processes have changed, leaving millions of Americans uninsured.

Among the states that have experienced vast coverage loss, including Texas, Florida, Arkansas, South Dakota, Idaho, and New Hampshire, Georgia was recently ranked the third worst for pediatric Medicaid loss. Currently, 700,000 Georgian residents have been disenrolled in their health plans, leaving many without coverage for medical expenses and incontinence supplies.

What to Do If You’ve Lost Medicaid Coverage

If you’re one of the 700,000 individuals who have lost Medicaid health insurance due to the PHE-era regulations unwinding, there are steps you can take to get your coverage back!

  1. Update your contact and address information through Georgia’s Medicaid office. 
  2. Re-enroll for Medicaid or CHIP on Georgia’s Medicaid website or by contacting the Georgia state Medicaid office call center at 404-657-5468.
  3. Submit your re-enrollment information and wait for the redetermination process to be completed. Contact your Medicaid office to find out how long this process will take.
  4. If you are still denied Medicaid coverage after re-enrolling, you can appeal the decision or look for other coverage options in the Healthcare Marketplace.

Once you have re-enrolled in Medicaid health care coverage, call Aeroflow Urology to let our Continence Care Specialists know your coverage has been re-activated.

To start receiving free incontinence products again, you’ll need to provide us with your new Medicaid or CHIP ID number (if you’ve been assigned one–  look for this on your new insurance card). 

It may also be helpful to visit your healthcare provider when you are re-enrolled to ensure your incontinence prescription is current.

Medicaid & CHIP Eligibility Requirements

You or your family members must meet the requirements set by the state of Georgia to qualify for a state health Medicaid or CHIP program.

To qualify for Georgia Medicaid, you’ll need to meet one or a combination of the following requirements:

  • You think you are pregnant.
  • You are a child or teenager.
  • You are age 65 or older.
  • You are legally blind. 
  • You have a disability.
  • You need nursing home care.
child with disabilitieschild with disabilities

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