Of the many challenging health concerns which a person can deal with over the course of their life, few are as inconvenient and sensitive as incontinence. Many people associate incontinence with advanced age, but that is hardly a requirement for the condition. Injuries, illness, and other factors can all contribute to patients suffering from varying degrees of incontinence. In adjusting to life with incontinence, many patients will find that their already difficult situation can be further complicated by the sheer wealth of options that exist to mitigate the symptoms of incontinence. The most immediate question that patients and their caregivers will encounter is whether diapers or pull-ups are best for their individual needs.

Adult Diapers or Pull-Ups?

The Case for Diapers

Many people equate incontinence treatment most strongly with adult disposable briefs, commonly referred to as diapers. Diapers often offer the highest degree of absorbency of all available incontinence products, making them an excellent choice for patients with heavy or severe incontinence. Diapers are adjusted on the sides using wings, a belt-like component, or most commonly, tabs. By using this adjustability, diapers can be tailored to a specific patient’s size and comfort. Diapers are frequently used in cases where a patient may have a caregiver, or be immobilized in some way. This is because diapers can be removed and changed without needing to remove pants or other clothing articles. This added convenience can make frequent changes more accommodating for both the patient and any caregiver or assistant they may have.

The Case for Pull-Ups

For patients who are more mobile and with light to moderate incontinence, many people will opt for adult disposable pull ups, also called disposable underwear. Pull ups function much in the way that traditional undergarments do, and can be pulled on over the legs and worn just like normal clothing articles. Since pants, shoes, and other clothing must be removed to change pull ups, they are recommended for patients who do not need to change their incontinence products as frequently. Many patients who experience only intermittent incontinence will find that disposable pull ups are a great option for times when they cannot quickly make it to a bathroom. Most pull up products have an elastic waistband for comfort and fit, making wearing them much less of an adjustment since they function much like normal undergarments.

What to do now?

Unfortunately, many people think that incontinence is a generic blanket term, and that most people experience similar circumstances, but the reality is that every patient’s needs are highly specific. Not all incontinence products are created equal, both in the basic distinction between briefs and pull-ons, to the degree of absorbency. Many patients will unfortunately wear the same product for years, even though the state of their condition may evolve over time. By working with an experienced DME provider like Aeroflow Healthcare, you or your loved one can have access to information and services otherwise unavailable. Our trained representatives can contact you monthly to ship your incontinence products directly to your home. If you or someone you love is suffering from incontinence, don’t delay, contact Aeroflow Healthcare today at 844-276-5588 or fill out our Qualify Through Insurance form.

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