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Q&A with Ms. Wheelchair USA - Madeline Delp

Madeline Delp is a car accident survivor turned motivational speaker, disability advocate, and public figure. She is a Ms. Wheelchair USA winner, fear-chaser, and world traveler. She, through her nonprofit Live Boundless, has delivered over 400 wheelchairs to those in need in Asia and South America. Despite her busy schedule of fear-chasing and pageant winning, Madeline sat down with us to answer some questions on everything from dating to staying active in a pandemic.

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Cuties® Training Pants to the Rescue!

I had this goal for the new year: potty train Landon! Fast forward nine months, and here we are - nowhere near ready to begin formal potty training. Unfortunately, we have so many sensory needs and diet issues to address before we get there.
I feel like this happens quite often with Autism. Our kids show us just how powerful they are, and we have to remember that we are on THEIR timeline, not the other way around. While we have goals to help them progress, they have their agendas, and we have to alter our expectations and teaching techniques to keep up.

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Madeline Delp: Confidence Series with Aeroflow Urology - Part 1

Written by Madeline Delp, Aeroflow Urology Brand Ambassador
I was doing an interview recently for a podcast, and the host asked me how I built up enough confidence to compete in pageantry. I paused for a second and considered the question. How exactly did the little girl who was too scared to start a conversation muster enough courage and confidence to roll on stage in front of hundreds of people?

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Challenges & Solutions For Autism Parents

child with autism

Toilet training can be tough on parents and children, especially if your child has autism. So why do children with autism have trouble potty training, and what is it really like to potty train a child with autism? Sierra Ferrell shares her family's story of toilet training her child with autism. 

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Suggestions to Combat Depression in Quarantined Residents

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19)  has led to the necessary practice of social distancing to help flatten the curve and prevent vulnerable persons from being exposed to the disease. For many, this includes staying at least six feet away from others and limiting outings to only essential activities. In senior care facilities however, quarantine may look a little different, with many residents confined to their rooms for weeks at a time. With residents isolated, not only from other residents and staff but also their family members, they could experience increased loneliness and even depression.

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