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Hormone Therapy & Urinary Health for Transgender Individuals

Embarking on the journey of transition can be a very exciting time for a transgender individual. Finally being able to match their outward appearance to their gender identity can do wonders for their mental health and confidence. Hormone therapy is a common first step in the transition process, but there is very little education on how hormone therapy can affect the urinary tract. There are things that can be done to manage the changes that will come with hormone therapy and other transitional processes, and that is what I will work to outline today.

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Bladder Problems in Women: 5 Tips to Boost Your Bladder Health

There are many cliches that women are told when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Exercise regularly, eat healthy, get plenty of sleep. These are common types of phrases that people use to remember to keep their health in check. However, as women, there is often one important piece that is overlooked – the health of our bladder. Bladder problems are very common in women, and it isn't due to the estrogen.

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