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Simple Tips for Potty Training Children Who Are Non-Verbal

Need help potty training your child who is non-verbal? Read this article to get quick and simple tips from Guest Writer and Speech Language Pathologist, Caley Nunnally.

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Sanfilippo Syndrome & Incontinence

Due to the rapid regression of this disease, many children rarely progress above the mental age of three-years-old. Therefore, most children with Sanfilippo are not potty trained and deal with incontinence for their entire life. When they are younger, this may not be a "big deal," however, as our children grow, finding proper places to change an older child's diaper in public can be difficult. We often find ourselves laying down a chux pad, blanket, or towel on a public restroom floor to care for our children. It can also be difficult to simply find diapers that fit an older child.

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Coloplast Catheters

Choosing the right medical products is almost universally a daunting task for both patients and their caregivers. In choosing the right catheter for you or your loved ones, one brand, in particular, stands apart as one of the industry leaders in patient outcomes and product quality, and that is Coloplast catheters.

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