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Pediatric Incontinence

Support your child with enuresis to help them sleep without accidents

Pediatric incontinence is actually a very common elimination disorder among children. It’s simply defined as the inability to control urine or involuntarily emptying the bladder due to a variety of contributing factors that are diagnosed by a qualified physician.

Incontinence in children is a completely normal condition physically and emotionally, even though it’s much more common in boys than girls. Oftentimes children aren’t diagnosed with pediatric incontinence until the ages of 5 – 7 depending on the type they suffer from.

There are various types of urinary incontinence.

Diurnal Incontinence or diurnal wetting is pediatric incontinence that occurs during the daytime or during waking hours.

Enuresis, commonly referred to as ‘bedwetting’ occurs when pediatric incontinence happens during the night. You may hear the term nocturnal enuresis, as voiding of the bladder occurs in sleep during nocturnal hours.

Primary Enuresis is when a child has good bladder control during the day but has involuntary voiding during the night.

Secondary Enuresis occurs after a child has been able to remain dry for a period of six months, then suddenly suffers from symptoms.

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Generally, pediatric incontinence fades away over time. As it occurs it’s best to be patient and understanding while you and your child adjust to this potentially embarrassing condition. It’s usually a symptom of another underlying cause so treatment methods vary, however you can treat the symptoms with a variety of protective undergarments and pads to provide a sanitary means of comfort and protection.

We understand that caring for your child’s incontinence comes with its own set of unique challenges for parents and guardians, but we’re here to help every step of the way by providing support and by discreetly sending the necessary items to prevent your child’s quality of life from suffering right to your front door.

What childhood conditions can contribute to pediatric incontinence?

Pediatric incontinence occurs so frequently among children and disappears over time, suggesting that it can be just a normal part of growing up, even though it can be a major source of distress and embarrassment that should be met with understanding.

However, incontinence is also usually a symptom caused by a variety of larger organic, neurological, behavioral, and physiological conditions including:



Development Issues

Developmental Delays

Maturation Delays

Overproduction of Urine

Urinary Tract Infections

Atomic Abnormalities

Spinal Cord Abnormalities


Sleep Apnea

Weakness of Detrusor Muscle

Sphincter Weakness

Structural Abnormalities

Uncompleted Toilet Training

Increased Urine Volume due to Diabetes, Excessive Water Intake, and Sickle Cell Disease

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Incontinence Symptoms

While your symptoms vary depending on incontinence type and severity a few common symptoms to be aware of:

Leaking during daily activities like laughing, bending, coughing, lifting, or exercising

Leaking urine without feeling an urge or warning

Experiencing a sudden, strong urge to urinate immediately

Voiding your bowels before making it to the toilet in time

Feeling the urge to urinate right after using the bathroom

Wetting the bed while sleeping

Once your child’s physician has diagnosed the cause of pediatric incontinence and prescribes a method of treatment you will have a few adjustments to make in order to patiently manage this difficult condition.

Aeroflow will help you save time and hassle by acting as your informational resource. You aren’t alone and this adjustment doesn’t have to strain your family’s quality of life. Our live experts will answer all of your questions and contact your insurance company for you to make sure all of your incontinence supplies are discretely sent to your home.

What products are available for managing incontinence?

Based on the cause of pediatric incontinence and your child’s age and lifestyle there are a variety of products to help them stay comfortable, protected, and sanitary during the day and night.

Managing Pediatric Incontinence

Managing pediatric incontinence may seem challenging at first, but with the proper knowledge and preparation, you will be a pro at assisting your child with this potentially humiliating condition in no time.

Your family doesn’t have to slow down and your child can still attend sleepovers, go on trips, and more as long as you have Aeroflow send you the proper incontinence supplies so you will always be ready to help your child stay relaxed and clean.

The right diapers, pads, bed pads, chux, sanitary wipes, and changing gloves are available for every situation. There are even heavy absorbency youth training pants to help your child during longer periods of time without a restroom available.

At Aeroflow we’re experts, so you don’t have to be. Simply contact us to discover the best supplies to fit your lifestyle and needs based on the treatment prescribed by your child’s physician. We will help you find the right fit to help you and your child make this major life adjustment while maintaining your quality of life.


We understand that you have a lot on your plate. Incontinence can be stressful and potentially uncomfortable to face at first, although it’s not impossible to discreetly manage with a few adjustments to you and your family’s normal routine.

When it comes to insurance, unfortunately, very few policies cover disposable incontinence products. Most state Medicaid plans can pay for up to 200 disposable incontinence supplies each month, however Medicare does not provide for incontinence products.

Most Medicaid plans will cover up to 192 diapers, 200 pull-ups and/or 150 disposable underpads (chux) per month. This is true for patients with either primary or secondary Medicaid coverage in most states.

If you do not have Medicaid, Aeroflow Healthcare can still be your full-service incontinence option, offering competitive patient pay pricing. This price includes free discrete delivery directly to your door, saving potentially embarrassing and inconvenient trips to the store.

Additionally, our trained staff will contact you monthly to check your supply levels, by phone or email, to prevent any shortage of supplies.

That is why we’re here to take those worrisome tasks off your plate. We will contact your doctor and insurance provider to ensure your adult incontinence supplies are discreetly shipped in an unmarked box directly to your door on a regular basis.

Plus, our outstanding experts will guide you through our entire list of incontinence products to help you discover which items will best fit your personal needs. We will regularly check in to see if you need to make any adjustments to your supplies. These are only a few of the ways we can ensure that your freedom and comfort don’t have to suffer due to adult incontinence.

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