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Amanda Mathers, Pediatric Occupational Therapist, partners with Aeroflow Urology to empower children with disabilities. Amanda specializes in helping kids develop essential daily skills such as playing, learning, and self-care, while also guiding families through potty training and managing incontinence.

If your child has incontinence, they may qualify to receive free diapers, pull-ups, and other incontinence supplies free through insurance!

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Discover the bladder control supplies available to your child through their Medicaid plan.

Please reference your child’s insurance card!

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How Can I Get Free Incontinence Supplies for My Child?

If your child has a disability and has been diagnosed with incontinence, they may be able to receive diapers, pull-ups, gloves, wipes, and more for free through their insurance plan. To get started today, fill out our Eligibility Form

Once you submit your child's information, you'll be notified of their coverage via text and email within 1-2 business days.

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Learn About Products, Insurance, & More

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Why Is My Child Not Covered for Incontinence Products?

Did you child not qualify for free incontinence products? It may be due to their insurance coverage. Learn more in this blog.

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Incontinence Product Guides

Whether your child uses diapers, pull-ups, or underpads, our guides will teach you everything there is to know about their protective supplies.

Medicaid Re-Enrollment Hub

Many children are losing CHIP and Medicaid coverage since the end of the PHE. Learn how to keep their CHIP active, renew, and re-enroll if they've lost coverage.