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Real Reviews From Real TENA Users...

“I am very pleased with the TENA. They are so comfortable, and I am not having to change as often as I did with the ones from ActivStyle. I am also very pleased with the people who work there, as they are very nice.”

- Nellda R.

“The TENA diapers are comfortable, and when I had to change sizes I had no trouble doing it. I will refer all my friends that need these to Aeroflow Urology. Thank you so much.”

- Shelia K.

“The TENA pads sent to me by Aeroflow Urology work well for me. I would recommend Aeroflow to all my friends. The product is comfortable to wear and breathable, great protection for incontinence.”

- Charles J.

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TENA Intimates Bladder Control Pads

Offered in 6 absorbency levels from very light to overnight protection, the TENA Intimates offer discreet, convenient protection against leaks.

TENA ProSkin Underwear for Women

Specifically designed for women, the TENA ProSkin protective underwear looks and feels like real underwear while offering triple protection against bladder leaks.

TENA Dry Comfort Protective Underwear

TENA Dry Comfort protective underwear protects against moderate to heavy incontinence with breathable fabric that provides the look and feel of regular underwear while keeping you protected and confident.