TENA Intimates Bladder Control Pads

TENA Intimates Bladder Control Pads are available in a range of sizes and absorbency levels to protect against any degree of bladder leakage, from occasional light leaks to heavy overnight and postpartum incontinence.

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54291, 54358, 54344, 54284, 54375, 54267, 54295, 54305, 54282


TENA Intimates offers a full line of incontinence pads and a custom fit to meet the needs of women who experience daily incontinence but don't need or want the bulk of protective underwear. TENA Intimates incontinence products range from a regular length light liner for occasional bladder leakage protection to a long length overnight pad for heavy incontinence. TENA overnight incontinence pads offer ultimate absorbency and lie-down protection to ensure worry-free nights. 

Each of these TENA incontinence pads feature a full length adhesive strip to keep them securely in place throughout the day or night. TENA products feature ProSkin technology, which was created with your skin health in mind. The soft topsheet quickly wicks fluid away from skin, preventing moisture build-up and keeping the skin's natural layer of protection intact. Even at maximum absorbency levels, TENA Intimates Bladder Control Pads provide discreet incontinence protection, preventing odors so you stay confident. 


Key Features

  • Available in light to heavy absorbency levels
  • Designed especially for women
  • Suitable for new moms with postpartum bladder leaks
  • Triple protection against urine leaks, odor, and wetness
  • Dermatologically tested
  • 100% breathable
  • Individually wrapped for discretion
  • Super absorbent core protects against heavy leaks and surge incontinence
  • ProSkin technology quickly wicks fluid away, protecting sensitive, intimate skin
  • Soft foam side barriers to protect against leakage

More Information

More Information
Manufacturer Essity
Model 54291, 54358, 54344, 54284, 54375, 54267, 54295, 54305, 54282
Insurance Product Type Not Insurance
Prescription Required No


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