Natalie Shares Her Battle With Nocturnal Enuresis 

Nocturnal enuresis, wetting the bed, can be difficult for children and their parents to understand. Sometimes the stress increases with age, as the condition continues in the teen and even adult years. Natalie has shared her struggle and embarrassment with managing nocturnal enuresis until she reached the age of 18. If your child is struggling, they're not alone. Natalie's [...]

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Confessions Of A Wheelchair Pageant Queen: Part 2

"The interesting thing about constantly being judged because of things outside of your control (or at least feeling like you are) is that you eventually begin to constantly judge yourself as a preventative measure. You see the flaws - you see everything that you wish you could change before it comes to your attention by someone else. [...]

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7 ways To survive Holiday Travel With Incontinence

This season tis not a reason to be held captive by incontinence. Whether you have some form of incontinence yourself or have a child struggling with the condition doesn’t mean it has to burden the holidays. Go ahead and take that family trip and enjoy some seasonal festivities with your loved one. By taking the time to plan [...]

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How To Care For CHARGE Syndrome And Incontinence

Caring for a child with CHARGE syndrome already has a lot of unique challenges to face, as symptoms can vary greatly among patients. Because incontinence is incredibly common in children and adults with CHARGE, it can really add to the list obstacles to overcome. However, the bathroom doesn’t have to rule your child’s life. As your child grows and [...]

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