Prevail Women’s Bladder Control Pads - Light

Has light absorbency. Regular size. For women.Prevail Women's™ Bladder Control Pads offer discreet, comfortable, and reliable protection for women who experience frequent bladder leakage. With these 100% breathable pads, women can feel confident, in control, and dry, without the bulk of other incontinence products.

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Many women suffer from involuntary bladder leakage that may make them feel embarrassed or limit their activities. Prevail Bladder Control Pads are a thin, lightweight solution to help women regain their freedom and active lifestyles. Each pad is individually wrapped and has advanced absorbency features designed for discreet comfort and protection.

Prevail's Omni Odor Guard uses super absorbent polymers to reduce ammonia that forms during use and works to eliminate odors at the source. Advanced Dri-Fit technology features a Quick Wick layer of material with MaxSoft to ensure rapid absorption and a dry, soft surface to promote skin health. With a convenient full length adhesive strip to secure to undergarments, Prevail Bladder Control Pads stay in place for all day, or all night, protection.

Key Features

  • Available in a range of absorbency levels, from very light to overnight
  • Designed and contoured especially for women
  • Available in multiple lengths for the perfect fit
  • Omni Odor Guard protection
  • MaxSorb gel core locks in wetness
  • Advanced Dri-Fit system promotes skin health
  • Ideal for use during the day or overnight
  • Discreet packaging


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