Prevail Per-Fit Daily Briefs - Extra Large

Has heavy absorbency. Extra Large. Unisex. Prevail Per-fit Daily Brief is an incontinence solution for men and women who need heavy absorbency protection. It is a tabbed adult diaper style, ideal for those who need assistance dressing and changing.

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Prevail Per-fit Daily Brief offers heavy incontinence protection and has performance and comfort enhancing features. The cloth-like outer fabric ensures the brief is discreet, soft and comfortable. The reattaching fasteners will provide a secure hold and won’t lose grip. Prevail has designed the Per-fit Daily Briefs to be very breathable, keeping the skin cool and dry while the quick wicking technology ensures you’ll never feel wet. 


Key Features

  • Unisex
  • Protects against leakage for heavy incontinence protection
  • Odor Guard helps prevent odors before they even start
  • Easy-Lock Fastener that grips and holds without being sticky
  • Quick Wick technology quickly wicks wetness away from the skin
  • Breathable Zones™ allows air to circulate and keep skin comfortable 


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