Covidien is a world leader in incontinence care, and is the maker of all products under the Kendall brand including Wings, SureCare and Curity. For over 100 years, Covidien has been manufacturing products that are trusted by many patients for their incontinence needs.

Covidien incontinence products are able to meet the needs of a wide variety of patients. Whether a patient needs a lighter option like SureCare bladder control pads or a heavier absorbency product like Wings adult quilted briefs, there is a selection to meet their exact needs.

Covidien features a super absorbent core on their adult briefs that locks in fluid and neutralizes odors instantly to allow for a dry, comfortable fit. The diapers use airflow technology for air to skin contact to keep the skin dry and cool while using the diaper.



The Kendall brand is under the parent company, Covidien. Kendall is a leader in adult diapers and incontinence supplies for youth and adults. The durable material and effective absorbency make the Kendall brand a trusted choice among caregivers and those with incontinence. The Kendall product line includes adult diapers, protective underwear and underpads for absorbent protection.

Kendall Wings adult diapers are designed for daily wear and maximum absorbency. They come in a variety of sizes to ensure comfort and quality fit. Kendall adult diapers are discreet and thin enough to wear as undergarments for daily protection. Kendall makes Wings and Simplicity adult briefs as well.

Kendall’s Tendersorb and Maxicare incontinence underpads are designed for patients who require protection while in bed. The maxi care underpads protect mattresses and furniture while absorbing leaks, reducing odor and maintaining a dry environment.

Kendall incontinence products are a preferred choice nationwide due to their protective and durable design.

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