Medline Two Way Silicone Foley Catheter

The 100% silicone catheters minimize tissue irritation during extended periods of indwelling use. The catheters have large, smooth eyes to maximize comfort.

  • Completely inert allowing for less tissue irritation and encrustation during extended periods of indwelling use.
  • Bullet-shaped tip for easier insertion and less buckling.
  • Large, smooth eyes for maximum comfort.
  • Large inner drainage lumen; 30% larger than those on latex catheters.
  • Clear for easy visualization of clots, mucous and urine ?ow.
  • Radiopaque strip for ease of visualization during scans.
  • Symmetrical balloon shape for improved reliability.
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DYND - 11552, 11553, 11554, 11500, 11501, 11502, 11532, 11533, 11504, 11505, 11506, 11536


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